A Life of a Dog, by Frank Lloyd Wright

“I would be grateful if you could make me a dog house designer, easy to do and, at the same time, go with the style of our house. My dog ​​is Edward, but we’ll call him Eddie. He’s four years old, or, in the life of the dog, 28. He is a Labrador retriever. It is 62.23 cm long and 91.44 cm long. The reason I like this kennel is that he can shelter in the winter. »

The great architect. Photo taken from Frank Lloyd Wright Twitter account

This request, like Saint Exupéry’s “Draw me a sheep,” was made in 1956 by a 12-year-old boy named Jim Berger. Except that his request, which was apparently very simple, was addressed to the famous American and world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, eminent author of the Guggenheim Museum and who designed the home of the young man’s parents in California in 1950. Young Jim even offered to pay for his order with the money he earned from sales and newspapers! Wright agreed to his request and sent, free of charge, plans for a suitable dog house, recommending that the family build it on a concrete slab and use the remaining materials from building their own house. According to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, this is the only doghouse he has designed. It’s also his smallest project whose fulfillment was recently demonstrated in the largest structure he signed, the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, California, revealing all the details of this beautiful story in an A press release.

Eddie’s House, which ended up in a landfill, was rebuilt by Jim and his brother Eric Berger from original plans. Photo Creative Commons

“Eddie Dog House” on permanent display

It’s a triangular-shaped niche, designed in perfect harmony with the family residence, including details of Frank Lloyd Wright’s character, such as the low pitched roof with overhang. The architect even suggested that Jim use pieces of mahogany and Philippine cedar left over from the original construction of the house.

“House of the Falls”, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces. Photo taken from its official page

As for the main interested party, the Labrador retriever for whom this branded niche is intended, he does not like it, prefers the warmth of the family home! In 1970, hostess Gloria Berger removed it by sending it to a landfill … In 2010, Jim and his brother Eric Berger built it, from original plans, for making a film documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright. In 2016, they donated it to the Marin Civic Center which plans to display it as The House of Eddie for two months in the library where it resides. But officials are playing more time because of popular demand. Finally, to make room for other exhibitions, this most unique installation was placed in the central cafeteria. On this topic, Garisson Giuseppe Ricapito, of the Marine Independent Journal stated: “We are a community that loves pets, and I think this niche is a close and attractive establishment. I feel like he is talking about a bigger story by Frank Lloyd Wright. »

The unique Guggenheim Museum in New York. Photo by Jean-Christophe Benoist/ Creative Commons

Fighter in organic architecture

With that in mind, the Marin County Civic Center’s Department of Culture is launching a family -friendly event called “Draw Your Own Pet House,” inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kennel. This complex was not only Wright’s largest public project, but it was also his final commission. The architect died in 1959, and the center is now a National Historic Landmark. The fine designer of the iconic Waterfall House, Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most famous architects of the 20th century. A great defender of organic architecture, he was the father, among other things, of the Prairie style and Usonian houses, these small, particular American dwellings, which were in harmony with the environment in which they were built. and that made him famous. He is also the author of more than 400 major buildings: museums, service stations, residential towers, hotels, churches, workshops. His career would go up until the end of his life. At nearly 80, he was entering the most productive phase of his life. Over the next fifteen years, the architect and his students would design plans for more than 350 buildings, including New York’s unique Guggenheim Museum in 1943. form. During work, the man was criticized for being called Frank Lloyd Wrong. However, in 1991 he was recognized by the Institute of American Architects as the most famous American architect in history. Concerning the art of construction, he said in particular: “The architect must be a prophet … A prophet in the true sense of the term. If he can’t see at least ten years to come, don’t call him an architect … Every good architect should be a good poet. He must have been a great original translator of his time, of his day, of his age. »

“I would be grateful if you could make me a dog house designer, easy to do and, at the same time, go with the style of our house. My dog ​​is Edward, but we’ll call him Eddie. He’s four years old, or, in the life of the dog, 28. He is a Labrador retriever. He is 62.23 cm tall and 91.44 cm tall. The reason I …

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