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Available for almost a week on Netflix, the third season of Umbrella Academy has a somewhat shocking scene where Allison uses her power on Luther to make him attractive. A moment described by the actors in an interview.

Warning, this article has spoilers for the 3rd season of Umbrella Academy!

Between a new team of superheroes to face and a third statement to avoid, Umbrella Academy members have a lot to do with season 3 of the Netflix series. Not to mention their own morals to stay in good shape, which is not easy when we lose the creatures we love the most, as in the case of Allison.

In fact, in the new round of episodes, the character played by Emmy Raver-Lampman realizes that after leaving in 1963 and her husband Raymond (Yusuf Gatewood), she falls into a substitute reality where without his daughter Claire (Coco Assad). What a force that darkened his state of mind.

So when, in the fifth episode, Luther (Tom Hopper), who he has always been close to (too?) Retreats when he tries to kiss him after a hug, one that influences people’s feelings and actions thanks to his words expressing this awful passage: “I hear I like you“. And this, as his adopted brother, having found love elsewhere, begged him not to use his power over him.

A heartbreaking moment

A warm kiss ensues between the two characters, which could have continued if Allison hadn’t changed her mind and forced Luther to stop. A scene that requires a lot of rehearsal from the actors, as they reveal on the site’s microphone decide.

In the script, it is written that Allison approached Luther, and that all physically … She attacked him. But during rehearsal, we thought it was about his desire to regain power. He was the one who said, ‘No, I want to control the situation, because I have no control. I have to control something. ‘ And so he stood right there and he said it, with all the power of this great man, which was Luther.“, recalls Tom Hopper. Before Emmy Raver-Lampman explains:

It was a big change for Allison. Here you can see how far he has fallen by allowing his trauma and unstable emotional state.

Then to continue:Even if he doesn’t get along with the rest of the family, even if everything breaks up in later times, he always has Luther. They always had this understanding and connection that he never had with others. And so when he betrayed her in that way, it was really, really heartbreaking.

The end of a forbidden romance?

For the actors, the sequence also ends the particular love story between Allison and Luther, which has developed since time immemorial. A relationship that Tom Hopper and Emmy Raver-Lampman have never seen incest, so to speak they committed it to the Première in 2019but raises questions because the characters have been raised together since birth.

In a way, it ends their romance, because it means it will never exist. It’s not right, and they feel it’s wrong when it happens, on many levels. But that’s not really what they both want. [Leur relation] it’s like a kind of weird crutch they’ve got, showing itself in other weird and abusive ways on both sides.“, Said Luther’s interpreter during an interview with Decider.

And his screen partner added: “And I also believe they both found a deeper, more complete, more real love. The Luther/Allison thing was never a lustful relationship. It’s really the same deep connection, but they really find the desire and love of other people, which is very different. They always have a special connection, but the romance part is probably dead, and I think that could be Allison’s fault.

A controversial scene

If the actors also emphasize that the filming is done in a healthy and safe environment with an audience, it is strange that this scene, which nonetheless resembles a sexual assault and that could easily be rape, will not be mentioned again in the plot. But also that Luther forgave his adopted daughter so quickly because of her action.

We may also question the choice of somewhat romantic music to accompany this forced kiss. In addition, on social networks, the scene has generated a lot of conversation. Anthology:

I love Umbrella Academy but Allison just tried to rape Luther and they seemed to expect us to be bad for her, what the fuck?

God, I know Allison is very hurt, but there is no reason to force Luther to want her, especially when he sees that she is happy. I know he’s mentally ill, but that doesn’t cause the abuse he’s committed. I was terrified.

That scene of Allison and Luther in episode 5 …

I liked Allison, but the way they forced Luther to kiss her just because he was sorry for Ray and Claire, was too painful to do. It wouldn’t grieve and it wouldn’t heal him.

Shit, Allison almost raped Luther, really ugly. And he just stopped because he tried and he couldn’t breathe ?? What nonsense.

I’ll wait until I finish season 3 of Umbrella Academy before starting to comment but Allison’s character is irreversible at this point, the loss of a child is sad and all but that doesn’t cause murder and murder. sexual assault. The only big complaint right now is Allison.

To get your own idea of ​​the scene, go to Netflix where all 3 seasons of Umbrella Academy are available.

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