National Education. Pap Ndiaye reveals his “major strategic directions”

Designated rue de Grenelle on May 20, the new Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, wisely. A shocking opponent of his successor, the media itself Jean-Michel Blanquer, who asked: what will be the line of the new minister? In the continuation of Jean-Michel Blanquer? Dissolution? True to Emmanuel Macron’s program, or is there some dissonance?

A teacher among his peers

In an interview given on Sunday at Parisian, Pap Ndiaye began to unveil his intentions. No compromise with the RN, Less verticality, not a single teacher pays less than € 2,000 at the start of the 2023 school year… Ads are well taken in substance, but criticized in form, teachers hate to discover information in the press with relating them in the first place. Feeling the passing of the ball, Pap Ndiaye decided to rectify the situation immediately, by sending a letter to all the teachers on Monday night.

The new minister writes to about 900,000 professors over whom he now has authority as minister, but also university professor and son of a high school teacher. He presented, for the first time, not a detailed road map, but what he called the major strategic directions we have.

Fight against social inequality

The first axis is to fight against social inequality. The topic is important: all international studies have proven that among developed countries, France has the most unequal school system. This broken promise casts a shadow over our actionsIdentified Pap Ndiaye. We will strengthen what is already there, change as necessary so that birth inequalities are more overcome at School.Said the minister, without further details.

Focus on basic knowledge

Second axis: emphasis on basic knowledge. Here we are in line with know how to read, write, countHammered for five years by Jean-Michel Blanquer. Priority will continue to be given to French and mathematics, Wrote Pap Ndiaye. To teach students until the end of the sixth and teacher training. In this regard, the Minister announced the continuation of the French and Mathematics plans and announced the launch next year from the mother’s plan. Assessments of student performance, which were rejected by the unions, will be continued, the minister announced. Which proves, in the end, the return of mathematics to the first class.

Student benefit

Third axis student benefit. A topic of great importance, as acts of harassment have increased and a number of sadly different events have sparked the news in recent months. Within the limitations of the secular school, every child should feel welcomed, protected from degrading discourse, encouraged.said Pap Ndiaye. This spirit of vigilance, of listening must also be concerned with acts and words of discrimination, racist or anti-Semitic hatred, sexism or sexual the Minister

Pap Ndiaye said he was very attentive to the conditions of the disabled. He promises improving the condition of our staffIn this case AESH (with students with disabilities), whose working hours are constantly suffering.

Go deep into the environment

Fourth axis, finally, the question of nature. Pap Ndiaye believes his ministry, like any other, is necessary creating, in all dimensions, a strong movement on the subject. Starting with school buildings, which are aging and always far from environmental standards. It also means strengthening, in the school curriculum, teaching the subjectwrote the minister.

Pap Ndiaye concludes with a word on the salary increase, which has already been announced, to make a shock of attraction, in a dangerous context of recruitment tensions.

National Education. Pap Ndiaye reveals his “major strategic directions”

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