Mia Love Black Mormon Victory

Mia Love is a growing figure in the Republican Party. It’s been a few years betting on this. He became the first black Republican elected to Congress on Tuesday in the Mormon state of Utah.

“A lot of negative people are saying that Utah will never elect a black Republican woman (…) to Congress”, noted, victorious, Mia Love during her victory speech on Wednesday in the City of Salt Lake. “Not only (the state) did it, but we were the first to do it,” added the former mayor of Saratoga Springs, a small suburban town near the city’s capital. After the first failed attempt in 2012, the nearly 39-year-old American was elected to the House of Representatives for Utah’s fourth district.

While welcoming this symbolic victory, Mia Love told CNN television on Wednesday that she doesn’t believe she was chosen “for her skin color” or because she’s a woman. “The people of Utah are sending the message that they are not interested in dividing Americans by race or gender but they want to make sure they choose people who are honest, (…) honest (.. .) and true to their values ​​”, he translated. And, he said, it is precisely the fact that gender and race “have nothing to do with it” is “historical”.

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Unite to lead better

This mother said she was “excited” and “touched” by the mission entrusted to her. He added that he was “inspired by the energy and courage” of the people he met throughout his campaign. He said the House of Representatives is the “branch of government closest to the people”, and that’s what he wants. “I’m a human being, and my job is to make sure I represent them every time,” he said, noting that Utah residents are “tired of partisan bickering,” blocking Congress, and promising to try. to fix it.

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Ludmya Bourdeau, by her native name, is of Haitian descent. His parents, Jean Maxime and Marie Bourdeau, arrived in New York in 1973, forced to temporarily leave their son and daughter in Haiti, because their visas did not allow them to bring their children. But thanks to the birth of their third child, Ludmya, and a law that ended on January 1, 1976, 25 days after her birth, her parents were able to bring home their two oldest children.

A course worthy of the American dream

Mia grew up in Brooklyn, growing up in the Catholic faith. She converted to Mormonism after meeting Jason Love, on a mission in Connecticut – a proselytizing ritual imposed on young Mormons – whom she married in 1997 and has three children. Keep in mind that until 1978, blacks were not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints, and now they represent 3% – while only 1% of Utah’s population is black. .

What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

Proof that some have bet a lot on this Fine Arts graduate from Hartford University for some time now: he was chosen, in 2008, to be one of the first speakers at the Republican convention in Tampa (Florida). Good choice: his speech was a hit. Some compare it to Obama’s in 2004; since then, he has always been compared to the former little senator from Illinois …

Well -defined ideas

“Let me tell you about America that I know,” he introduced. My parents immigrated to the United States with ten dollars in their pocket, and the hope that America they heard about actually existed. When times are tough, they don’t take refuge in Washington, ”he said, emphasizing – like his party – less state interventionism, and“ personal responsibility ”.

“America as I know it was built on determination drawn from patriots and pioneers, small business owners with big ideas, farmers working to make our landscapes beautiful, our military and Olympic heroes, ”he said. This strength is seen in “every child who looks at the impossible and says, ‘I can do it.’ This is the America I know! (…) The America where I grew up, (…) we built ”, he launched, also referring to the controversial presidential declaration, in which he considered everything to be built by Americans could not be. was established without the help – albeit small and indirect – of the federal state. There is no doubt: this former fitness teacher with an ideal career and sharp repartee has a bright political future ahead of him.

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