Love and gastronomy, in the free union of Valençay

Until November 13, 2022, the Château de Valençay will be showcasing works selected for the 12th edition of the International Festival of Culinary Photography. On the theme “Love and gastronomy”, 21 authors presented 63 colorful and emotional images. What the former owner of the place, Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, wanted.

By Jean-Luc Bouland

In the kitchens of the castle, seduction, union and flight, Yanne de Bongré sees – Photo JLB

The joy of a person in love is immense, because it is based on a fact placed in the domain of the imagination.“said Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, specialist in aphorism and the related projection, as it will be discovered in a most exhilarating booklet available for a small amount of reception at the castle of Valençay, his residence and where. still honors her today.Controversial character, baroque, love of women and good food, he gave this place all the means to satisfy his senses, as evidenced by the luxurious rooms of castle, and the less impressive kitchen-installed in the basement.How, then, the non-hospitality here works to promote the art of the table, as it has done for many years, and especially this year 2022, if the theme of the 12th edition of the International Festival of Culinary Photography is none other than Love and Gastronomy. An appealing invitation between reality and imagination, a full top-of-the-range menu.

Hearts to take, and try, signed by Jonathan Thevenet, author of the festival poster – Photo JLB

The man Charles-Maurice loves to be here, strolling with pleasure through its corridors, greeting some little female statues as they pass, and stopping happily in front of the photographs on display. 21 triptychs, like the spirit of the festival, ie 63 works of truly stunning creativity. 21 internationally renowned authors it can be difficult to discuss here at all, and whose choice, we face it, is the most difficult to make, if not by marriage look and crush, for the love of photography , and there is no judgment for all who are left in the shadow.

The sensuality, tenderness and love of “périmets”, seen by Julie Oriol – Photo JLB

Culinary photography has become a true work of art that brings food into the contemporary artistic sphere. Today, food photography presents a large number of gastronomic and inquisitive audiences with a evocative image of myths in an aesthetic context.“, explain the people who run the castle. In 2021, the theme is dedicated to the flavors of the South, and the photos are shown outside all summer in Marseille, opposite MUCEM. This year, they return to Berry land , and it’s to offer us a most tempting visual pleasure … that can water our mouths like arousing uncontrollable desires to sit down to eat, let’s face it.

Eros, Phylia and Storge, materialized by Sophie Loustau – Photo JLB.

This 12th edition was sponsored by Ritz Paris pastry chef, François Perret. “In gastronomy, love, sharing and self -sacrifice are the key to a job well done. Love and Gastronomy are always inseparable. If love makes food taste, it is food that helps us remember the taste of love …“, said Jean-Pierre PJ Stephan, the founding president of the festival, opening the catalog of this exhibition, and also greetings to Sylvie Giroux, the director of the Château de Valençay,”for his warm welcome“.

In castle kitchens, sensitivity, transmission and sharing, in the eyes of Nicolas Ravinaud -Photo JLB

So, don’t deprive yourself of this visit, especially if the castle and its park themselves justify the trip, and know how to enjoy this exhibit that perfectly describes “that each photographer has a expressed point of view on matters of gastronomy, signing his photograph as an artist in his painting“. And a chef is his most… aphrodisiac dish…

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