Lihus. What we find out after the discovery of a hanging dog

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On Facebook, Pauline Joly’s post has been shared nearly 4,000 times in just three days. In this post, the young woman explains how, on Saturday, June 25, she found her dog hanging on her way home, in Lihus, near Crèvecœur-le-Grand. Fortunately, he arrives just in time to pick up and rescue Orus, his young Malinois shepherd.

In his testimony, the victim recounted several incidents in the neighborhood. Her two dogs would bark a lot when she and her partner were not at home. This would create tension to the point that he had already seen balls full of nails in his garden.

Beetle causes stress

Thierry Levasseur, the town’s mayor, testified that when they arrived in the village, almost four years later, he had received several complaints at the town hall. The solution found was to equip the doggies with anti-bark collars. After that, “calm down”assures the aedile.

Until the second round of legislative elections, on June 19, the situation became tense again, the mayor said. “Dogs are obviously barking all night. I changed a formal notice and I deposited the mail in the mailbox on Friday. It was less than 24 hours before the tragedy.
Pauline Joly’s version confirms Thierry Levasseur’s, as he explains that he received the letter the day before the facts.

Saved by extremis

This Saturday, June 25, on the way home from work the owner would have discovered Orus unconscious. “I was walking in my yard and found that all the doors to my outdoor buildings were open and one of my dogs was missing in his kennel, he said on Facebook. Panicked, I searched for my dog, I entered the building next to my dogs ’cages, and I discovered my dog ​​hanging unconscious from a beam with a choke collar.

So far, nothing but his testimony can corroborate the facts. “But I believe him”pointed out to the mayor, recounting the day he had experienced. “I was called on Saturday around 5 pm by the gendarmerie of Madame Joly and her companion for an act of cruelty to an animal. So I moved on.” An act of violence “unforgivable”.

When he arrives at the site, Thierry Levasseur can never see the facts because it’s all over. “People were obviously walking through the portal. It would have happened between 2 and 3 p.m.. Saturday was a time when most people were home and busy. That’s why I’m surprised. You have to have what it takes. what the pants need to get in, take them from the kennel to the other building and hang them. The two Malinois are very impressive ”comment on aedile.

But the chosen one, also the owner of the dog, was sympathetic and officially supportive of his administration. “I’m sorry for what happened. Now, I am ready to come forward to find an answer or find a solution. ” He added: “It’s an unspeakable act. It’s unforgivable. “

“False” Facebook post comments?

However, the town mayor remained on condition when he discussed this activity. She questioned what Pauline Joly said in her Facebook post that was “peke”, he said. The young woman promised that the municipality would answer her “you have to separate yourself from your dogs” after he explained his story. “I can swear to you everything I love in the world that I never said that. I can’t say that. I love animals. And then from an ethical point of view, as mayor… I can not », response to aedile. For him, one solution is to install a screen along the fence. Because especially if the dogs pass that Malinois “take it “as he was told.

But with the buzz on social networks, Thierry Levasseur’s voice has become inaudible to Internet users. “Today I was threatened by the municipal mailbox. It is beyond all comprehension. I extend my hand “, he defended himself. As a result, he can’t stop there and also demand accountability. “I don’t allow myself to drag in the mud. I understand his frustration. […] But we have to weigh it. “ The elected official concludes: “If there’s a scapegoat to be found, I’m not.”

On the justice side, the Beauvais prosecutor’s office confirmed that“a complaint was filed on Monday”. “Investigations are ongoing to determine whether the veracity of the facts has been criticized or not”according to the prosecution.

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