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Freeland, which operates a platform for connecting freelancers and companies, has acquired and its community of freelance Tech workers. Update with President Patrick Levy-Waitz.

Hubert Camus and Patrick Levy -Waitz (Freeland) surround Serge Roukine ( – © DR

This is the effervescence of the sphere of markets for freelancers. Early in June, free landdeveloping a platform for connecting freelancers and companies with a variety of professional -related services (historically wage portage), acquired. dedicated to a community of freelancers in the technology sector.

“The acquisition of the group is an important step because the company has significant digital knowledge, backed by related services (,,, and others) “expressed Patrick Levy-Waitz, President of Freeland (also president of the association of France Tiers-Lieux).

The Freeland – combination aims to generate a total turnover of 1 billion euros by 2027 (400 million euros expected by 2022, including 40 million from

Freeland has a database of 375,000 freelance profiles, including 250,000 from 3/4 of them adopted wage portage and 1/4 used auto-entrepreneur status.

“We are a profitable company with the capacity to self-invest. We have goals to grow in Europe in terms of complementarity of businesses and offers. It is an activity that relies solely on players built on local markets, ” said Patrick Levy-Waitz.

A bouquet of services behind the umbrella brand Freeland

“Freeland is a group of several freelancing service companies formed over fifteen years, with ITG as the historic service, specializing in payroll. We develop services based on large infrastructures technology to complement and simplify their access, ” said Patrick Levy-Waitz.

“So far, our communication has been bricks. However, with the “platformization” of the package of services deployed since 2015, we will now talk about this Freeland umbrella brand, while continuing the identity and uniqueness of our services. »

10 million euros invested in process automation

Freeland supports three aspects of freelance – business relationships:

• Identify skills like,
Support for freelancers facing the risks of non-compliance with companies: choosing the situation between wage portage and self-employment, wages, legal and financial advice, contributions to missions, virtual office, insurance, training, security of payment, collecting.
Automation of tasks. 10 million euros have been invested to develop the digital platform.

By 2021, Freeland will have 200 employees for a turnover of 310 million euros including:

  • 62% achieved in business service activities (2,400 clients): recruitment, compliance, onboarding and administrative management. “We work with 37 CAC 40 companies and 70% of SBF 120 companies,” said Patrick Levy-Waitz.
  • 38% made from services offered by a client base of 10,000 freelancers.
History and ecosystem of Freeland services - © DR
History and ecosystem of Freeland services – © DR

SEO, strong point of

Founded in 2006 by Serge Roukine from La Roche-sur-Foron (Haute-Savoie), has created a platform for connecting freelancers (250,000 with profiles of IT developers, experts in UX/UI, designers, web project managers…) and companies for IT and digital services. puts in place a monthly or annual subscription system for freelancers. Prices vary depending on the number of customers to be contacted and the features available.

“In terms of SEO and SEA Google’s engine with general keywords like‘ coder ’,‘ editor ’or‘ graphic designer ’, we feed a strong ecosystem that provides information on the status of freelancers and allowed to ‘attract us workers. who want to benefit from our services’, said Patrick Levy-Waitz.

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