Aude (Love is in the pasture) makes a radical decision to change his life

Karine Le Marchand welcomed him to her show in 2018. It was the 13th season of Love is in the pasture. Since its participation in the main M6 program, Aude has become prominent on social networks. Fans of the program have been following its evolution over the past few years.

The young mother actually ends up separating from Christopher, father of one of her two children. But now, at least 25,000 people follow him every day on his Instagram account. Therefore, she did not hesitate to say why she lost weight so quickly after giving birth. And the reason may be surprising!

“Yes, I lost weight (about 30kg between Raphaël’s birth and now) but my main goal isn’t that.”, relied on the Aude effect. He got it “Found to have another mouth to feed on the same ‘salary'”. “So my first goal is to raise money that won’t affect the lives of my children, who are and will forever remain my priority. To do this, I made a decision to reduce the amount of food I ate at each meal.he revealed.

Aude: a “new organization” in his “personal and professional” life

Recently, in February, the farmer complained against the supermarkets. According to him, the big brands are really responsible for the hardships of the farmers.If you see an article like this about an award-winning goat farmer… quitting and changing jobs, you know that goat farmers are slaves in our world. Thank you Laeticia for daring to say this, because that’s how most people feel, including me! Continue or stop, live or survive? he said truthfully.

All because Leclerc (admittedly very good at communication!) And the companies refuse to lower their margins… don’t make fun of yourself, consumer prices will explode, and we breeders, with them. Only supermarkets will explode their revenue. Even dairy products, vegetables (canned or frozen), meat … are starting to be in short supply, even if they are not yet available in stalls, and it will affect the whole world ”he continued that day.

Extended days!

This cow farmer knew what he was talking about. He himself says to be careful at every expense. In April 2021, the 40-year-old farmer explained that his fatigue of daily life prevented him from interacting with his community. “You won’t forget me. To respond to the messages I read, don’t worry, my current days are long (5:20 in the morning waking up to 11 pm bedtime, 7 days a week), fatigue accumulates, so I tried every possible minute. to rest. », he wrote like this. The young mother had already found herself elsewhere. “The light is at the end of the tunnel, a new organization in my personal and professional life is under consideration …”

“The future will tell me if my choice is right.»

And it will obviously be over soon! This weekend of June 25, 2022, Raphaël and Louane’s mother is no longer in silence. He shared the good news with his followers. In her Instagram post, we discovered her full of joy, sunglasses and a smile on her face. He seems to have found his way …

“2023 will bring me a huge change of energy that will affect my professional and personal life. It takes me a long time to think, search, compare… to find a solution that will allow me to stop living in order to start living. In any case, the future will tell me if my choice is the right one. In your opinion, what decision have I made? », he said. Inside the editorial staffObjeko, we are interested in learning more. And you, do you know what this decision is?

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