Amazing Mr Zguy 2022 – Announcement Album L’épopée Cool

Announcement Album The Cool Epic

Extract from the album L’Épopée Cool to be released in the fall of 2022, ” Un Petit Tu Me Manques ” adds a new era to the intense sentimental and good adventures of Fantastic Mister Zguy, now has 3 albums and many more. eps. Recorded at his studio near Paris, mixed in New York by Daniel James Goodwin (Kevin Morby, Devo, Bob Weir …), the song definitely closes a debate that has divided the music world for a long time. To the question “can we make a living and timeless pop sung in French while wearing a Bulgarian customs mustache?”, Mister Zguy (pronounced Zguaille) replied without hesitation: “Yes! proof … “

Really, how not to send amulets to this nugget that combines romantic adventure and adrenaline rush. Unconditional follower and claimant to analog sources, but not disdainful of the use of older generation synths, Ghislain Chavanne (his real name) performs on all instruments, except drums. If he’s quick to admit to being part of the New York anti-folk of Jeffrey Lewis and Adam Green, and big offbeats like Daniel Jonhston and Jonathan Richman, he can’t deny his belonging to this Parisian ecosystem that saw Antoine Doinel perform 400 strokes. and Jacques Dutronc are playboys.

Born in the 15th arrondissement thirty years ago, Ghislain started music at the age of 13, wasting his room with covers of Beatles, the Stones, the Gorillaz, and Eels using Garage Band software. . Tired of copying his masters, he released himself from it in 2015 with a first composition “I Want To Take You For Someone Else” which now lists nearly 2 million streams on Spotify. Since then, this self-taught multi-instrumentalist has filled his landing net with songs. Enough to feed the first two English-language albums with titles, King Shrimp and Queen Shrimp, which accredit a certain appetite for the pleasures of fishing. If “Un Petit Tu Me Manques” is a different kind of fishing, it’s loved, with results that aren’t always convincing, the song highlights the talents of a singer-songwriter who now favors French and whose sonorities looking for the best of the past to better get the honey of the present.

In March 2021, GM Editions heard my music for the first time on FIP Radio. After this discovery, they called me and asked to meet. After a nice discussion about our love of music and vinyl, they told me of their desire to co-produce my next album.

But the inspiration did not come. I just released my album States of Soul and I gave it my all. Expressing my doubts to my older brother in these white pages following each other, the latter sent me a few words that were under his elbow. I was amazed at the beauty of his texts and his words spoke to me. I immediately live them in a completely natural way, ideas for melodies come to my mind and I feel the inspiration slowly rising. Installed in my Pantin studio, I picked up guitars, synths (DX, Juno, Casiotone …), basses, percussions and I made the fulfillment of this “cool epic”. An epic that will last from September to December 2021 where studio sessions follow each other at a rapid pace but where anxiety and doubt never leave me.

At the end of December 2021, we decided to contact Daniel James Goodwin (Kevin Morby, Sam Cohen, The National) who agreed to mix the album for our greatest pleasure. Martin Schrepel took care of the cover. For my part, I am so proud that you will present this cool epic and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you like it.

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