3 days of love, champagne and grandious life at the Magnifique Society

26,000 festival attendees walked the grass of the Magnificent Society for its 5th edition, a record. In the soft setting of the Champagne park, the festival in Reims offers good doses of unity of love, togetherness and good sound. . Between the heavyweights proving their mettle, and exciting nuggets that discouraged us.

The only shadow to be written in the Magnificent Society picture is the rain/flood/storm where some festivals (We Love Green, Nord Fiction, etc.) have already paid the price for this year’s recovery. But fortunately, the Reims festival -almost- was saved. Families, groups of friends, very young and not very young: everyone was able to get together, finally! In addition, sharing and the family dimension are paramount in this 3 day celebration. We saw suspenders and sticks placed on the ground on tablecloths, shirts, dental or hearing aids, and several children carried on their parents ’shoulders. Even in front of the big stage in Central Parc for Clara Luciani or Laylow, in front of the Club Trotter for Fishbach or Courtney Barnett, and even in front of Yuksek in the bubble of the Royal Garden.

In front of the stage at the Royal Garden © D.Phibel

This is one of the major achievements of this edition: the permanent installation of this Royal Garden, as an ongoing open-air club scene, with 360 ° sound. Especially if the controllers are provided by the collectives in Reims Good evening we meet tomorrow, Moon, La Forge and Moonshiners and another local kid: Yuksek. It was one of the festival’s wishes, and it was a success. Another expressive but somewhat risky ambition: to bring back jazz and soul to a big festival like the Magnificent Society. So we allowed ourselves to be lured by the nuggets. Like Emma-Jean Thackery, straight voice and trumpet in quartet formation, jazz and house at the same time, sometimes like Hiatus Kayiote… We recommend her title “Venus”! We are reminded of the rantings of Badbadnotgood, bringing back a real 8mm projector brought back for their VJing, but also the soul of Black Pumas and Genesis Owusu, and the virtuosity of legend Herbie Hancock: either on the piano or in keytar. We can even link to The Smile, where Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood take on the big stage with syncopated rhythms. Because it’s good to come out with 4/4.

The Smile Herbie Hancock Emma-Jean Thacray

The Smile Herbie Hancock Emma-Jean Thacray © The Magnificent Society

Rap once again has a venue option throughout the weekend with the lives of Josman and Leys (from Nouvelle École on Netflix, and came to replace Pip Millet at the short notice, unforgettable -almost- not his words nowadays), and of course Benjamin Epps ’inhabited and calibrated performance for an“ old school ”rap that infused Griselda and the New York scene. It pogote hard on his feat. with Vladimir Nightmare and Dinos. “In the media they say I’m a crack and it wasn’t stolen”. Amen good. On the big stage Laylow confirmed his status as a new strong, with a confusing certainty and scenery. And we waited a long time NLP, which comes with a huge half -hour delay with no excuse or reason… To finally give a crazy concert, where the public will take each chorus title. The two brothers were praised after being booed. “Thank you for the look, thank you for your love, believe in yourself.” Well, it’s annoying, because it’s hard to blame them.

But it’s also and most of all the female actresses on fire this week. So is Emma-Jean Thackray; rocker Courtney Barnett between phlegm and animal strength -what charisma my ancestors had! -; Remi Wolf, his love, his boss, his character badgalbitch, his valves and his twerkes with his bass player; Fishbach and the indifferent class of great women, useless voice and destructive humor that make us forget a technical problem … And finally a doublet that we didn’t really expect, and who gave us live lessons: Clara Luciani and Juliette Armanet.

Remi Wolf and Clara Luciani

Remi Wolf and Clara Luciani © The Magnificent Society

The first pushed the ‘1970s’ knobs to the limit, playing old titles like the weird “Les fleurs” and of course “La grenade” taken by the chorus, singing “Je sais pas plaire” in a very little committee – him, his guitar. and her 3 singers‑, she taught simple choreography to the public, played with him, before releasing the horses on a unique cover of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”, of “La Baie” before ending with a bang with a “Breathe Still” release. Juliette Armanet delivers an anthology concert, sending waves of destructive energy into light clothes, from “Boom boom baby” to “Vertigo” by “L’Indien” and the thunderous “Le Last Disco Day “. Note that the first fumi ‘at the festival was cut not by Josman, neither NLP, but in fact Juliette Armanet by the good name “Brûler le feu”. If he doesn’t win a Victoire de la Musique for this tour, we don’t understand anything.

The highlight of the party this weekend? Undoubtedly the Myd Live Band, which takes everyone in its path with hits and outrageous products, all in one spirit. kawaii clinging to his skin. Now this is a certainty: we love the artist and the bonhomie he releases as his compositions are calibrated to burn all the dance floors in the world. A live like weekend: full of love, sharing, letting go of love after two years of deprivation. If the Black Eyed Peas leave the stage after a non -transcendent but at least cohesive live, this Magnificent Society weekend is over. And we think back to this sharing, to the family atmosphere, to the beautiful workshop-stands at La Petite Society where you can make your flower wreaths, customize your hat or your shoes, decorate yourself with sequin, dance in Just Dance, We thought. back to Tsugi Radio programs and interviews recorded from Champagne park (with Fishbach, Catastrophe, Badbadnotgood or with La Forge, Rouge Congo and Genesis Owusu).

We can’t forget the champagne at the same price as the beer, the cute huts for satisfying your hunger (whether you’re vegetarian or not, at every stand, and that’s a joy). That’s why we’re already excited to see the next edition of the Magnificent Society, an ever -evolving festival, that will continue to amaze us and inspire us with so much – so much – tenderness.

Best time : we hesitated for a moment between Myd and Juliette Armanet, before clearly choosing the latter. How alive, what charisma!

worst time : the 30–35 minute wait before the live NLP. But we can’t -too- blame them because “Magnificent is QLFquestion.

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