2 Love candidates are in the pasture flirting with him in public

Karine Le Marchand is no longer showing herself, she is part of the top podium of favorite French animators. Especially since he animates Love is in the pasture, one of the audience’s favorite movies, on the M6. In fact, it’s hard not to appreciate a program where it’s possible to see couples forming on screen. Especially if you know that some couples are stronger than ever at the time of writing these lines.

Some of the candidates are from love is in pre so is in a relationship thanks to the M6 ​​program. But whether they are or not, there is no denying that they all love Karine Le Marchand. For when a host like him engages in the benefit of the candidates in his show, a wonderful friendship is born. And who knows, maybe more than friendship? This is the question we have to ask ourselves because one of the photos of our star host allows a couple Love for in the pasture to make progress towards him!

Karine Le Marchand hit the mark in animation Love is in the pasture

As fans of Love is in the pasture known, Karine Le Marchand has been helping farmers find a soul for many years. But our colleagues are from the magazine Here is the right to point out, this is the first Alessandra Sublet to host this show. And in front of him Objeko reminds you that a Véronique Mounier fulfilled this mission. So, it was only from season 5 that Karine Le Marchand took over her role. A position he still holds today, at the dawn of the 17th season of the show.

So, in 12 seasons of Love is in the pasture, Karine Le Marchand should be able to create special links to some of the program candidates. Other rumors suggest that sooner or later he will also find love in the turn of a casting. But the professionalism of our favorite animator can no longer be proven. However, he did not refuse to befriend some of the candidates.

Like his readers no doubt, Objeko apparently thinking of the couple Mathieu and Alexandre. From the castings, Mathieu and Karine Le Marchand seem to have become very close. Then, when the time was almost up, this candidate asked for his partner’s hand. And at the same time, he asked the facilitator to Love is in the pasture to be the mother of their unity! She said yes without hesitation and so she was present at the lovers ’wedding ceremony. Since then, a wonderful friendship has existed between these three friends.

And as you can imagine, maybe this couple is the one being asked about as a couple Love is in the pasture who apparently flirted with Karine Le Marchand on social networks.

The couple is flirting with the Web host

So you’re right, Mathieu and Alexandre were actually happy to give and daring compliments to Karine Le Marchand. In fact, they may only be able to do it because of the level of their friendship with the facilitator. And most of all, there is no doubt that our lovebirds are still married and happier than ever at home. In fact, they are even ready to start a family.

Our favorite candidates for season 15 of Love is in the pasture have taken steps for a GPA and their fans are obviously hoping they can discover the joy of fatherhood as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let’s go back to this famous photo of Karine Le Marchand that has been talked about so much. And especially this famous comment that will shock some of the Internet users. In fact, those who follow the crowd Love is in the pasture on the Web, unaware of the show and its leading candidates at risk of being confused, Objeko give it to you.

“Very pretty, and those lips… .if I’m not gay…. », wrote Mathieu and Alexandre under the publication of Karine Le Marchand. And he clearly appreciates the praise and the ridicule because he responds to it with lots of smileys. In fact, everyone can understand that these few words can cause a lot of ink to flow on social networks.

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