This little kid will lose 75% of his vision because of a toy, the toy that has to be thrown away.

“Lasers are not toys! warned Optometry Tasmania. A laser can be used for doing or teaching. If the real danger it presents is not known, a laser can be found at home. However, they are not recommended by doctors. And this, though not so much a toy for kids. The light emitted by a laser is very dangerous for the human eye. This is also the reason why the child lost his sight.

Only 25% of his vision remains.

With a laser pen in his fingers, the little boy focused the light on his eyes for a short time. The child examined himself after he had a sudden problem with his vision. When the result of his eye examination came out, the bad news shocked the child’s parents.

After the laser incident, sadly lost 75% of 20/20 vision. So he has only 25% of his vision. By bringing the laser light directly into the eye, he damaged the back of his eye. Unfortunately, the damage caused to his toy can be permanent.

According to Ben Armitage, the optometrist who cared for the young Tasmanian, he burned the retina at the back of the eye, near an area called the macular.

A sensitive area

The burn causes permanent loss of vision in the small child. The area where he burned his eye was sensitive. Basically, the macula is a place where the vision of details is installed. As a result, the effects on his vision are so great that he no longer has much of his vision. According to Dr. Ben Armitage, the child mentioned did not feel any pain at the time his eye was burned. But the loss of vision was immediate.

The optometrist hopes the little boy will regain vision after the swelling in his eyes. However, the problem was so serious to the point that he could no longer fully regain his sight.

His eyesight was damaged

The laser causes burns to the more dangerous parts of the eye. It’s like a camera. The macula of the human eye is said to be the sensor of the camera. If the latter is damaged, no lens can damage the camera’s vision.

Similarly, if the macula of the eye is damaged, there is no amount of corrective lens that can reverse the damage. That was the case with the young Tasmanian.

The laser burned his central vision. His eyes would no longer allow him to look ahead, read or look at details. This loss is irreversible, nothing can restore his visual capacity. Surgery or the use of glasses will not make a difference.

Source: Pexel

Be careful to consider

This little device can point something from a distance by emitting and focusing light on the target. It’s a combination of intense energy. The heat released by the pointer causes tissue burns. Compared to other parts of the human body, the eyes are the most sensitive.

The power of the laser increases the risk it can pose to the eye. If there is direct contact with the eyes, even the blink of the eye will not protect the person. The boy’s case is proof of the real danger of the laser pointer. Laser pointers are not essential.

To avoid eye damage, do not point the laser at another person. It should also not be focused on glass or polished metal to avoid reflecting the glare of light. When used in a performance or lecture, the laser should only be turned on to focus on the screen and not on the audience.

A danger for children

A toy with a laser beam is not recommended for children. If a parent decides to buy one for his child, he needs to be aware of the danger posed by this little tool. A child playing with a laser pen should be under strict supervision.

Lasers with an output power of 5 mW are the most dangerous. Then it is necessary to check the power of a laser before buying it. This is not to say that lasers with an output power of less than 5 mW are harmless.

According to the European safety standard for the use of lasers, even at a power of less than 1 mW, the beam emitted by a laser can cause serious damage if the eye is exposed to it for more than 0.25 seconds. A brief moment, which can seriously affect a person’s vision, as happened to the little Tasmanian.

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