The Japanese Man Spent Over $ 15,000 to Look Like a Dog!

Dreams can come in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s owning your dream home, buying your favorite car, or getting your dream job. But do you have a lifelong dream where you want to be an animal? No? However, a Japanese man did it, and now he is realizing this dream. How did he do it? Let’s find out!

A Japanese man spent more than $ 15,000 to create a realistic dog costume so he could live like an animal.

It’s not every day that an animal lover decides to be an animal. However, a Japanese did. This man, known simply as “Toco” (also spelled “Toko”), admitted to being a fan of cute four-legged animals. He also admits that being an animal has always been his dream, a dream he has now achieved for astronomical value. two million yen (about $ 15,700).

She spent the money to order a realistic border collie costume that she could live in. He later documented his transformation through photos and videos posted on social media platforms.

Given how unique this dream is, it’s no surprise that it quickly goes viral. But why did he choose a border collie costume? It turns out that the collie is his favorite breed of dog! Also, because the collie has long fur, it is the perfect option to hide a human shape in it.

He hired a company known for making sculptures and models for movies and commercials.

Since the dog costume had to be hyper-realistic, Toco needed professional help to make it. That help came in the form of a company called Zeppet. Zeppet is known for making models and sculptures for commercials and films, making it perfectly suited for Toco’s needs. So when he asked them to make a life-size border collie costume, they agreed. Afterwards, they also posted this costume on their Twitter account.

However, making this costume is not an easy task for their designers. They need 40 days and many revisions to achieve this. This difficulty seems to be primarily due to the fact that the skulls of dogs and humans are very different.

They also need to take the time to carefully study the border collie’s appearance to make sure the coat of the suit flows as naturally as possible. Fortunately, all efforts paid off, and Toco’s dog costume became a hit.

Toco also posted photos and videos of himself in costume on various social media pages.

Having adopted his animal persona, Toco has a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting his life in his costume. In his videos, Toco can be seen playing ball and ping-pong in his costume, as well as waving, rolling, and hugging stuffed animals.

Of course, her Twitter page is no different, featuring photos of her costume character, with a caption describing how she made her dream come true.

Since then, the man has gone viral because of his incredible fun

There is no doubt that Toco’s costume is impressive with its realistic look. But even more remarkable is the reaction on the internet to it. Since her photos and videos went viral, many of her followers have admired the authenticity and beauty of her costume.

At the same time, some of his critics disagreed with his life choices. However, Toco’s tweet on April 20, 2022 featuring the costume has since received more than 55,000 likes and 18,000 retweets. Needless to say, the interest aroused in the transformation of man into beast among netizens proves once again that the internet can be a strange and beautiful place.

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