Skull and Bones: New signs reinforce the rumor at a Ubisoft’s Arlesian presentation!

Game News Skull and Bones: New signs reinforce the rumor at a Ubisoft’s Arlesian presentation!

Announced 5 years ago, Skull & Bones has been postponed several times, either because of the difficulty of giving the title a clear direction, time to develop itself, or the pandemic. But after several years of hardship, the piracy game soon seems ready to be taken to sea!

Sea wave, Skull & Bones are talking about him again

Back in the spring, Ubisoft told players it was must listen because we will soon have the right to information about Skull & Bones, whose idea of ​​offering a game centered on navigation and piracy comes from the maritime episodes of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Through reports and information describing development difficulties, we wondered if the title would come out one daya … But things seem to be accelerating since the tutorial leaked, and Ubisoft has apparently not sparked a discussion of the game for no reason. On June 20, Skull & Bones showed up rating lists in brazil after pointing the tip of his nose in Australia with a release to be seen scheduled for 2022.

The idea of ​​the next presentation is reinforced

The signs were strengthened this week by Tom Henderson, who said that the game centered on sea wars from the golden age of piracy in the 18th century should be presented in early July. Thus we are entitled to new images, a detailed presentation of the game, but also the release date! It was also shown later that Skull & Bones could the standoff of the PS4 and Xbox One to focus on the PS5, Xbox Series, PC, and Stadia.

We should obviously remain vigilant as long as Ubisoft doesn’t formalize anything, but new signs have been added to everything we just talked about. Towards this time in North America, and its classification, the ESRB, the equivalent of our PEGI. This page clearly confirms the abandonment of “old” generation consoles, indicating that the title will be classified as Mature (+17), that users will interact with each other, and that we will find in-app purchase. But we have a right too a description !

Skull and Bones: New signs reinforce the rumor at a Ubisoft’s Arlesian presentation!

This is a sea combat action game where players take on the role of a sunken ship that is wrecked on their way to become a pirate captain. As players go on missions, they can explore habitats and take part in unique sea battles. From a first-person perspective, players command their crews to fire cannons at opponents (e.g. warships, merchant ships, dwellings/forts) in an attempt to retrieve stolen items/forts. .

Enemy ships can collide and crash, resulting in short cutscenes of crews shooting or slashing at each other. Combat is promoted by gun/cannon fire, explosions, and blood -spattering effects. Other territories depict corpses nailed to spikes or suspended by nooses; the beaches may depict dead bodies and large blood stains after the war. Residences sometimes have brothels and prostitutes who call players when nearby (e.g., “Quickly put the coins in all of me”; “The price of my ass will go up tomorrow, so buy a coin today!”) .

Players can also take part in quests to bring poppies to the opium caves, which are depicted with patrons sitting on beds smoking pipes. The words “f ** k” (put*in) and “sh*t” (me*de) appear in the dialogues.

So we’ve seen gameplay elements revealed by Ubisoft or discussed by well-known people, but we’ll have to wait to see the game run for measure all changes that have been made from the notice. Also, we feel in the description that Ubisoft doesn’t shelve the raw side of piracy, and that we shouldn’t be dealing with a “Pirates of the Caribbean”, with the smooth imagination and humor that is always present. However, between Tom Henderson’s declarations and the repeated appearance of the game by classification organizations, there is only. little skepticism about the upcoming presentation by Skull & Bones.

Skull and Bones: New signs reinforce the rumor at a Ubisoft’s Arlesian presentation!

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