Karin Viard remarried at age 56

Congratulations Karin Viard. The actress says yes to the man who replaced the father of her two children. AmoMama gives you more information about this good news.

After more than 20 years of love, Karin Viard broke up with Laurent. Thanks to the latter, she has two beautiful daughters, who are not fans of their mother.

Fulfilled with her children, the actress is also happy thanks to her beloved Manuel. At age 56, the beautiful blonde decided to say “yes” to the man she loved.


If we know her because of Louane’s mother’s rendition of “The Bélier family”, Karin Viard is also a real-life mother. Her children, they were called Marguerite and Simone and made the actress happy immensely.

And even if she always knows how to keep her private life, sometimes it happens that the actress makes an exception and posts her two daughters on social networks. Like December 2016, when he posted two photos of them. At first, we see the eldest, wearing a pink wig, “cotton candy”.

The young actress especially put on glasses in the picture and showed a very nice smile, highlighting her freckles.

In the second photo posted by Karin Viard, we see her youngest, Simone, at age 5, asleep. Marguerite’s younger sister is very similar to her mother.

Also, it sometimes happens that Karin talks to her daughters during her interviews. During her appearance on “50’ Inside ”, in June 2021, for example, she revealed that Simone and her brother aren’t big fans of hers.

“They can tell me‘ I don’t like this ’and say‘ Oh, this is a movie that doesn’t interest me ’.

he said.

Comments that never seemed to bother the actress.


Her two children, thanks to a Laurent Karin Viard got them. This chief operator has been involved in the life of the actress for over twenty years. A long life hallucinating even the beautiful blonde.

“This is the biggest surprise of my life!”,

he said in 2016.

In the Paris Match columns, Marguerite’s mother reveals that she protects the free relationship. According to his statements at the time, Laurent was not his and thus “could see elsewhere”, as long as he didn’t know.

She also said she was afraid of romances that were too fusion.

“It’s too little for me! Control, obsession, fusion: that’s all I can get away with ”.

did he say.

That’s not the kind of guy Laurent, the father of his daughters, has been since he had a relationship with the actress for more than a decade before the two separated.


After nearly 25 years of love, Marguerite and Simone’s parents decided to end their romantic relationship. In particular, Karin Viard herself shared the news in Madame Figaro’s columns in 2017.

During this interview, she said she felt alone, not only because she had separated from the father of her daughters, but also because the latter had left the family home at this time.

“I have recovered from my integrity. I was happy on one side and not the other. (…) I have a relatively blank page to rewrite “,

he said.

As for her divorce from Laurent, we still don’t know the real reason for the breakup, but the actress confirmed that “we can be very alone when we are in a relationship.”


In 2019, two years after announcing her separation from Laurent, Karin Viard appeared to be more complicated than ever as a new man at Roland-Garros. This is the handsome Manuel Herrero, two years his younger brother.

Manuel Herrero is none other than the son of rugby player Daniel Herrero, who played for the France team and the Toulon club. In addition, the actress ’lover also shares a love for the sport with her father.

Manuel first studied Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence before becoming, after all, director of sports documentaries. The man is also working on “What are you playing?”, A fiction broadcast on Canal +. He is also one of the people working on the “New Explorers” program, which combines sport and adventure.

The second love he has, moreover, is the same as his beloved, Karin. The two lovebirds travel together to South America, Bolivia, Argentina and the Galapagos Islands. A journey they share on social networks.

Months later, their wedding was posted by Karin Viard on her Instagram account. In fact, the beautiful blonde became Mrs. Herrero since June 25, 2022.

For her union, the actress chose a simple, but beautiful wedding dress, combined with a small cardigan and white mules. He also did not forget the bouquets of flowers.

For her part, her husband wore a navy blue suit. Several wedding images of Manuel Herrero and his wife have been revealed.

In one of these, we see lovebirds exchanging sweet kisses in front of the mayor. And in a video posted by Karin Viard, in an Instagram story, they show her husband very happy as they enter the town hall.

We wish them all the happiness in the world!

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