Monday, June 27, 2022

updated Monday, June 27, 2022

But what can’t you do for your dog? Accept it, the whims of Médor, you give them too!

Here’s a feeling good French bulldog! Henry, this little dog as tall as three apples is gone quick character! Monsieur doesn’t want to drink anything but Evian water! That’s all! Her owner, Lizzi Pallister, pays 45 euros per month to keep her dog happy.

Here it is the best friend of men! We were so close that they forgot to be dogs and drink in the ponds! Little Henri understands that his owner will bow to all he wants!

The French bulldog drinking Evian water!

Nothing is too good for his dog. That’s right Henry! This capricious little French bulldog makes his mistress see all colors. Adopted when he was just 5 months old, this puppy turned dog also became a full member of Lizzie’s family. The little dog knows this and we can say he has benefited from it! Adorable little rude, all family members consider him their younger brother.

Henry, a whim dog?

We are many in this case. Nothing is too good for your dog! We all knelt down to please Zouzou, Médor and Jean-Pierre the poodle! So why not be satisfied Need Henry? If Henry likes Evian, Henry will be satisfied! If Henry would take all the bed room, we would organize ourselves and we would only get a little blanket!

We love them with our dogs, they do it so well for us! You should know that in some countries, not all Henrys are so spoiled. So, if his mistress is happy to give him Evian water and says yes to all his whims, we’re not here to judge! Long live King Henry! If you want to follow his adventures, it’s happening at Tiktok!

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