Formula 1 | Dula | F1 22 trial: The official video game launches its new season

EA Sports and Codemasters have released the new remake of the official Formula 1 video game. The nomenclature has changed, as it is now called F1 22, to remain with other sports franchises published by Electronic Arts.

This is the first official game to be fully developed under the guidance of the video game giant, marking the beginning of a new era for the franchise. This has clearly joined F1 itself, which also opens up a new era of regulation this season.

The introduction puts us even more in the spirit of F1, with the same introduction seen before the Grands Prix. The menus don’t change, but EA includes, like each of its titles, a real playlist. Goodbye instrumental piece composed for the game, hello playlist with many famous titles.

The game changes to the new F1

This year, ground effects replaced vehicles with most of the downforce coming from ailerons. Also, the 13-inch wheels predate Pirelli’s new 18-inch wheels.

This is the last point we feel the most in the gameplay, with a rigidity well transcribed in the game.The single-seater is less vibration, especially in some circuits like Imola or Abu Dhabi.

We can blame a game that is nearly impossible on the controller – at least on the Xbox One – without traction control. Certainly the traction management of the 18-inch wheels in the game code is what causes it, but it’s very hard not to spin in these conditions.

Other than that, we’re also not completely out of place in this F1 22 in terms of gameplay once we’re used to the franchise.

Common but effective game modes

Among the game modes are the classics, which are solo (Grand Prix, Time Trial), Career mode (as a pilot or in My Team mode), and multiplayer, for the main.

It provides a nice range of proofing and a natural life of the game that is always important. The career mode doesn’t progress, but you’re always quick to get caught up in the game, especially in the My Team (My Stable) mode, with R&D, marketing management, making a livery, and advancing yourself. structure among the ten existing. teams.

In My Team mode, it’s also one of the FOM models, seen at Silverstone in 2021, that serves as the chassis used by the 11th team we lead. This game mode remains classic, with also handling mechanical parts to limit penalties.

What is the value of F1 Life game mode?

The unique newcomer to this F1 22 is the F1 Life mode, which adds the title to an aspect close to Forza Horizon, or even The Sims. In fact, it is possible to completely customize your avatar, with outfits, but also your house.

There are no useful additions that are still visible all the time, because the house is visible on the menu. You can change furniture, floors and walls, and install supercars.

In fact, the addition of road cars to this F1 22 is still one of the latest innovations in the franchise. It is now possible to drive sports cars like the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, the Aston Martin Vantage, or even the McLaren 720S.

These cars have a series of challenges with a Pirelli Hot Laps license. The latter are demonstrations offered by Formula 1 drivers to the stars or VIPs during the Grands Prix, on one or more laps of the circuit. The positive point of this mode is the more fun aspect of supercars to drive.

Obviously it’s not EA Sports ’franchise business, but it allows for more experience, also in F2. The latter only offers the 2021 season at the moment, and 2022 drivers and single-seater should arrive after the summer, as every year.

We’re about to go back to regret not having an F3 license, like the official MotoGP game, which offers Moto2 and Moto3 in racing mode.

The circuits are (finally) updated!

Much to his chagrin from last year’s F1 2021, the long-awaited circuit update will finally fit the title. Thus, we saw the Melbourne circuit in its 2022 configuration, with little chicanes and lots of open corners.

Abu Dhabi has also presented itself with the 2021 crackdown, which is smoother and more interesting to drive. Similarly, Barcelona circuit sports the real turn 10, and no longer the old hairpin.

The Miami circuit enters the calendar, just like in real life, and we see the loss of Sochi, and therefore the Russian Grand Prix. Codemasters will also have to work with single-seaters, as Aston Martin and Alpine don’t feature the latest developments.

What is the value of the F1 22 video game?

If it’s gradually entering an era of Electronic Arts, the F1 video game franchise hasn’t made its revolution either. The F1 Life mode isn’t enough to make it a must, but we’re excited to finally drive this new – and beautiful, in our opinion – F1 2022.

We look forward to the future for an overhaul of the graphics engine, which has slowly started to show weight over the years. But overall it’s still satisfying for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

The contribution to the Champions edition remains to be measured, as it above all allows us to play with the legendary drivers (in particular Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost) on our team in Career mode.

exit: July 1, 2022

Platforms: PC (via Origin and Steam), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

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