Do we have to stay natural in love?

be natural and stay to yourself does love really bear fruit? If so, why, and concretely, how to do it?

What could be natural?

“Make your own”. By this somewhat overused formula, we usually mean behavior that is natural, with spontaneity. That is, speaking and acting without having to study a person’s words or actions, without asking for self -control, simply by following a person’s behavior.

Why stay natural in love?

There are two good reasons to be yourself:

  • The first is that we have no choice: “Get out of the natural and it will come back on track!” Actually, you can fool yourself once or twice, by playing someone other than yourself, but in the long run, it won’t work. We never take long to pretend.
  • The second is that that’s just the truth: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” jokes Oscar Wilde. This means thatwe cannot be different, but also that no one can be us. Condemning to be self is condemnation that is unique, in essence, and it is a unique gift. Because we are unaware, however, of the potential desires of others.

The strongest and healthiest relationships are those we have the feeling of being loved for who we really are, and reward. What is the value of a story with a lie to me? In addition, desire and sex are part of the realm of natural needs. With them, it’s better to stay in this land: “Sex is about nature, I follow nature”, confirms the symbol Marilyn Monroe.

10 tips to keep yourself in a romantic relationship

Knowing a person’s inner nature : “We become natural through experience”, Willa Cather, American novelist. Being yourself first requires getting to know yourself very well. Who are you If you have any doubts about what really identifies you, try to quickly answer the less important question: who am I? By quoting your values, your desires, the things that frighten you, what you worship, etc., you can draw the contours of your personality and thus clarify your understanding of yourself.

Think about your personality : want to be extrovert at all costs when you are ashamed risk hearing lies, making you feel uncomfortable, and ultimately creating embarrassment, even a reduction in value in you (why would you want to to be someone else if you consider enough). So once we know who we are (or who we are not), we just have to respect this posture (even if it can change the course of life).

Prove your style : express your own personality, through your dress, your dress, your words. The best look and state of mind to use is yours.

keep it simple : do not abuse make-up or art. You don’t have to be like Barbie or Ken to be attracted. Come as you are, at best. For example, choose a dress that flatters you, but in which you are comfortable.

Be faithful : to say what we are, what we think, what we want, it brings us closer to our deepest nature. Therefore, we are also more easily read in the eyes of Others.

Tell yourself you can’t make everyone happy : obviously, no one really cares about watching Others, but it’s possible to ignore it a little, just by saying it’s not us: some people like us, others don’t.

Don’t compare yourself : cguro, naa pay mas gwapo, gwapa, dato, intelihente.e kayas nimo, pero syempre naay mas pangit, pobre, tanga. And then according to whom and what are we considered as such?

Don’t go with a list of questions and topics to be discussed: this is not a job interview and there are no right or wrong answers. Making a plan is the best way to break the naturalness of a date or meeting.

Recreational : Love should be fun. If you have a good time, it will feel and you will be more natural!

release “Nothing can stop you from being as natural as the desire to appear as such”, François de La Rochefoucauld. As such, nothing helps you be more natural than not trying to appear as such.

What to do if you are stressed or paralyzed during a romantic date?

Yes, but there is, no matter what we say to each other that is all, there will come a deadly time when we will lose our earnings, we will no longer know what to say, we will look at each other, we will judge ourselves inside … It doesn’t matter. It is not a question of lack of emotion, but of not betraying one’s deep character. Here are 3 emergency tips.

  • Communicate : using language to express how someone feels, that’s a rich idea. Just explain: “Sorry, I’m a little stressed, that’s not my style (or it’s my style), etc.”. However, to try a little joke: “That’s the effect you have on me …”
  • Calm your breathing : Of course, slow breathing will allow you to control your breathing and lower the pressure.
  • Provide an emergency solution: you can buy a mouth spray with Bach flowers. If your heart is racing, it will relax you. Available in pharmacies.

3 mistakes not to make

Naturally, we understand that it is a word that sings more than it says. Everyone is for it, but each has its own meaning. So here are the amalgams not to do.

  • Confusing naturalness with too much frankness : many people are confused by the naturalness of frankness. And if you don’t get the natural, not all facts are good to tell. Plus, one can say things frankly and show tact and delicacy.
  • Confused naturally and neglected : not because you yourself have all forms of civilization abolished. Dressing, washing, possibly wearing perfume, shaving and/or make-up is also not prohibited. Unless you’re doing too much, it’s not deception or deception, it’s just a form of respect for yourself and others. It is only natural to want to please and inspire the desire of the one who inspires it in us.
  • Confused naturally and unconscious : Being natural does not mean to exist without appealing to one’s conscience and reason, or without concern for others or the world. It is a question of not allowing oneself to be dominated by reason or the outside, but not of denying them. Some traits are naturally more affectionate or desirable than others.

Being natural means knowing how to listen to your little inner voice. In love like anywhere else, it’s pleasurable. Because we are always the most beautiful, singular, rare. On the other hand, this should not preclude consideration of the cultural aspects of seduction and love. Matching what you are and what you do or say creates naturalness, not the fact of not putting on makeup or cultivating a caveman effect.

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