Côte d’Ivoire: Debt, hidden gold panning, building collapse, national education, PDCI-RDA calls for power

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In the general meeting of PDCI this Monday in Abidjan (ph KOACI)

The posture taken during the election of the President of the National Assembly on June 7, did not detract from PDCI-RDA on its status as an opposition party. Henri Konan Bédié’s party vocation is to win the upcoming presidential and leadership elections of this country.

During the press conference he hosted today, the spokesperson of the oldest Ivorian party confirmed that “the Ivorians who have been beaten on all sides, are calling on us for help, because they are thirsty for our leadership”.

It is for this reason that, after the statement of the Head of State on the life of the country in the presence of parliamentarians assembled in Congress, during this press meeting, the PDCI-RDA looks at life in the country.

Relying on figures taken from documents published by the Government, institutions and official services of the State, the speaker admitted that the PDCI-RDA has observed that for more than a decade, a more rigorous evaluation will come to give the real level of elementary education students, as many elementary schools have received null grades. result of entering the sixth.

“The level of our elementary students has long been hidden by false numbers”, he laments.

As the spokesperson pointed out PDCI-RDA, according to the diagnosis of the last PND in the country, the number of years of training of Ivorians will be 6.3 for men and 4.1 for women. While in Brazil this number is 7.6 for men and 8.1 for women, in South Africa respectively: 10.5 and 10, in Malaysia 10.3 and 10 and in South Korea 12.9 and 11.5.

“So we see that in general, Ivorians are leaving the school system faster than in developing countries where we want to compare ourselves,” he said.

Bredoumy Soumaila believes that at the level of higher education, things are even darker, as none of the Ivorian universities have one of the highest in Africa.

“The lives of our students are similar to the lives of prisoners in some places. On campuses, lab rooms and libraries have only names for the walls they contain. There is no structure that can put us on the exact number of students in our country. The allocation of scholarships and aid to students is a real mafia. Côte d’Ivoire has abandoned scientific research, particularly dealing with agriculture and agro-industry, in a country where 75% of industries are agro-industry. The share of the state budget spent on research is not less than 0.1%, if the ethics is at least 1% ”, argued the spokesperson.

The speaker also examined the economy of the country. He said he has observed steady GDP growth since 2012, driven primarily by construction and energy.

He said that after a slowdown in 2020, this growth reached 7.4% and is projected at 6.9 in 2022. However, we have noticed that the country’s budget has shown a negative balance since 2012 (-2.9% of GDP). ), GDP in 2020 and is projected at -5.7% of GDP in 2022, above community standards of 3% maximum.

“Our country’s debt stock has reached unprecedented levels.

In fact the stock of our debt at the end of March 2010 was 5281, 605 billion CFA francs. It is estimated at 25,701 billion CFA francs in 2023 and 29,755.7 billion in 2025, an increase of 600% during the period 2011-2025. Debt service is estimated at 3686 billion FCFA in 2023, 4532.4 billion FCFA in 2024 and 4869.6 billion FCFA in 2025, i.e. a total of 13098 billion FCFA in the period 2023-2025.

Inflation will increase from 0.7% in 2016 to 2.4% in 2020 and 4.2% in 2021. According to the forecasts of the Ministry of the Budget, this inflation rate will stand at 4.5% in 2022 ”, he explained.

Mr. continued. Bredoumy said the above indications highlight economic weakness and the outlook is less optimistic about the national situation, external tremors and the effects of climate change.

He said these economic difficulties were exacerbated by environmental degradation due togold panning which can destroy natural resources, pollute the environment and water, destroy the agricultural sector, increase the risk of insecurity and threaten agricultural production and thus food security.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to have land suitable for healthy agriculture and a competitive labor force in the agricultural sector. Anything that would increase the risk of shortage of food products in our markets. In addition, thegold panning has become a brake on the education of our children. Young students would rather receive an attractive daily fee for going to hidden mining areas than go to school. Note that thegold panning underground with its procession of armed gangs composed of people from other areas was reprimanded in 2018 by President Henri Konan Bédié. He has been treated for all diseases. Today, the plague is difficult to control, ”the speaker said angrily.

The issue related to the high cost of living was questioned by the spokesperson of PDCI-RDA showing that all surveys point out that the three factors represent the majority of the costs of its citizens.

He noted that the country, producer and exporter of plantain to neighboring countries is already obliged to import plantain.

“Food vendors buy plantain in Liberia to supply our markets. Three bunches of plantain bananas sell between 10,000 and 20,000 CFA francs in our markets. Common consumer products such as oil and bread have experienced an unprecedented rise. Today, the price of corn, which is used in human and animal feed, is rising to the point that it has affected thriving sectors such as poultry farming. Our country spends more than 300 billion CFA francs per year on imports and fish. However, for many years we have benefited from European Union assistance to develop the aquaculture and fisheries sector. Keep in mind that Côte d’Ivoire has many water resources that are not only not used for aquaculture, but are subject to pollution ingold panning hide. This is the summary of our failure, ”he revealed.

In the housing sector, Bredoumy Soumaila It regretted the non-compliance with the rules set by the Government relating to the deposit and the advance and admitted that the acquisition of urban land for the construction of houses could not be reached in the Abidjan District. Because “land worth 3,500,000 FCFA two to three years ago is now sold for between 30 and 60 million FCFA”.

“Worse, in order to supposedly finance social housing, the Government has introduced a tax on cement and steel. Finally, the middle class category will no longer be able to build houses. The Government cannot meet the need for social housing, this area has become hell for the populations of urban areas ”, criticized the Speaker.

For him, there are no rules on private transportation prices. Each day corresponds to a new and difficult fate. Life is

may be unsustainable.

“The Government facing this hardship of the Ivorians has shown inability to offer them a better tomorrow. What happened at the toll station in Grand Bassam clearly shows that the Government has no mercy on the people in Côte d’Ivoire.In short, Ivorians live in stress and fear.Not a month without a building collapses.Drug circulation is already part of daily life in our country. Sanitation and flooding issues have not found a solution so far.According to the latest CNDH report, more than 8% of Abidjan’s residents do not have toilets.Danger and poverty are rising in our cities, in contrast to number given to us.In rural areas, our producers face non-compliance with the purchase price of their agricultural products.In our regions and on our roads, the threats of attack than usually.And yet, maa you are the state of the country, ”said the spokesperson.

He is convinced that the return of PDCI– The RDA in power can improve the lives of Ivorians. However, the speaker acknowledged that the difficult national context has been accompanied at times by the emphasis on the security crisis and the threat of jihadists on the Ivorian borders.

“The Russia-Ukrainian crisis also does not help the situation. This latest crisis, as well as the political situations in Guinea, Mali and Burkina only exacerbate the difficulties of the Ivorians, as their impact is felt on a daily basis. lives of our fellow citizens “, concluded Mr. Bredoumy.


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