Cannes Lions 2022 results: back in business

Remember every moment.

The 69th Cannes Lions festival folded its red carpet on Friday night, after a week of awards, English conferences and exclusive parties. Three years after the last edition, the Lions did everything to get back strong. What can we learn from this? Advertising analysis.

A new normal… very normal

Should we be happy or surprised? The search for the Cannes Lions in 2022 gave the impression of attending the 2020 edition before Covid hit the world march. The final edition starts in 2019, but not much has changed. The Awards and the Palace are faithful to their protocol, as are the beaches of platforms competing in size, conferences and little attention for festival attendees. The yachts of ad tech companies are once again shaking their fenders along the Quai du Palais.

What will be seen again? The hydroalcoholic gel is everywhere, the feeling of meeting the little person, but above all the exhibitors who come or strengthen their presence. Amazon has largely developed its Cannes aura with its own “Port” near yachts to present Amazon Ads, Amazon Studios, AWS, but also Twitch (in a separate apartment) and Wondery (podcasts). Reddit is in various places on the Croisette, confirming the site’s deployment to the community in Europe and especially in France. Pinterest went from an experiential stand in front of the Palais to a larger beach, like experience, evoking non -poisoning within it while giving pride to the place of influencers.

There is no AACC French Camp this year, but an RTL beach with the intelligence to organize a number of French meetings there, serving as the back base for the hexagonal ecosystem. La Réclame is not so much petanque!

CSR vs. metaverse

Whether at the Palace, on the beaches, on yachts (sic) or in hotels, the “endurance”Can be part of bingo at any good conference in Cannes. Special discussion for the conference “By 2030 Every Ad Will Be A Green Ad”Which brings together the major advertising holdings of the Palais. O “Continuing Advertising – Will Coffee Save the World?”Which combines Lavazza, the Amazon and the coffee planet.

If the angles of these conferences are more focused on green growth than development, Greenpeace members have come to play “night mood breakers”With a sailboat docked on the shore where millimetric events come from every day from this NGO communication expert. From the disrupted awards ceremony, to the WPP beach raids to protest fossil fuel advertising, not to mention a fireman’s ladder that allows the “it’s good” canine meme to go unnoticed on the Palace’s red carpet.

Enough to raise the details of an industry that talks a lot about CSR, but still finds it difficult to put it into practice for itself during an event with a high carbon footprint, between air travel from 5 continents … or from Paris.

Another strong trend today: the metaverse, web3 and NFTs. They are found in the programs of conferences and workshops, but also in the experiences offered by the beaches. Meta works hard to showcase AR and metaverse expertise. While Snap has partnered with Vogue to offer its own museum in enlarged style. In short, a bit of a technological utopia for a population that is still hesitant between a consumer race ahead and considering the limitations of our world. The conference “Maintaining Metaverse, Media and Brand Accountability and Luxury”Attempts to bridge the gap between these two worlds that rarely intersect.

Faced with “deals”, creativity is nothing more than a stooge

If Réclame tops the Cannes prize list, between the French Lions and Grand Prix, our approach is more and more like the regulars of an art house cinema lost in ground in front of a multiplex that is very strong. “The International Festival of Creativity“every year, there is a growing market where”traders”Occupy all space: platforms, ad tech and the media buying ecosystem in general. Each of these players can talk about the importance of creativity, but that’s not their main business. Data, the printing of millions of ads, the signing of global contracts are the real topics of discussion on yachts and beaches at these companies. The Lions record? A business of artisans… oh very important, but no longer concentrate enough value available on the Croisette, other than the holding companies WPP, Dentsu or Havas. Agencies no longer have yachts, production companies are smart except for a few dantesque nights in local California villas. On the media side, their presence is simply due to their management’s interest for the destination.

At this fair, everyone is trying to bring the craziest experience to global marketing decision makers. And obviously the crisis is not for everyone. Ad tech FreeWheel invited the Black Eyed Peas for a concert on its beach. While Spotify used its network to offer movies by Kendrick Lamar, Black Keys, Post Malone and Dua Lipa as a surprise guest. The LCD Soundsystem surrounds Amazon’s port and Kylie Minogue is Google’s shores.

You don’t dream, these artists don’t come for a big summer festival, but only for a few thousand advertisers and announcers. And their presence could get more comments than any Grand Prix. All these celebrations are also an opportunity for the most experienced festival attendees to cover their arms.

In this regard, one is more or less surprised to see other famous people acting to sell the “marks” that make up their sales and services. More creative – in the advertising sense of the term – Ryan Reynolds was invited to the Palais to discuss his production company Maximum Effort and the golden age of TV ads. Paris Hilton currently has a collection of NFTs for sale.

But beyond the glitz, some weird “deals” are probably heading in the right direction at Cannes. Netflix is ​​especially on the Croisette to meet the industry’s top players ahead of the upcoming advertising-funded offer.

Disappointing French and global awards

The number of sent campaigns continues to decline. Of the 43,101 “entries” in 2016, the Cannes Lions received only 25,464 in 2022, after 29,074 in 2021, representing a double year after the canceled 2020 edition. Inflation in the categories, which now counts at 31, has not made it possible to reverse the trend.

It was followed by French agencies – which did not highlight it – with 1,234 shipments this year, compared to 1,766 in 2016 and 1,380 in 2021.

After an outstanding 2021 prize list for Paris agencies, crowned with 4 Grand Prix, the 2022 harvest disappointed 58 lions against 65 last year. If the difference doesn’t seem solid, the 2022 edition only gave France 3 Gold against 9 Gold and 4 Grand Prix last year.

Strange fact about the French tradition for printing, not a shortlist of Print & Publication. And so there are no more Lions.

These less -than -happy awards for French agencies follow a few weeks into “we didn’t know if we were going to Cannes”. Even the ambient discourse of the spring, which resulted in villas being rented for some, but no campaign was sent out. Or in contrast to some lions caught without a presence in the area, the atmosphere ”between inflation and conflict in Ukraine”Does not lend itself to it.

On Réclame’s side, we “walked” into a Gold, just to take a few photos of the atmosphere. The editorial staff was surprised at ten “RECOGNITION”Rained on the Croisette. Very Anglo-Saxon good vibes, which to be honest, didn’t hurt us … while this Lion didn’t.

As for the overall prize list, the International Grands Prix rescued bankless Mexican women, laboratory rabbits, coral thanks to cat food, young Indian women who experienced their first time … It also celebrates the Paralympic athletes, it brings to life in 3D the Englishman Kylian Mbappé killed in his youth (a Titanium less Titanium for our taste…), creates a group of prison cyclist, imagining a house that can withstand storms and floods, fixes smartphones that are less talented to take photos of black skin than white skin (a sad skin. reality) , recycles pineapple wastes into the skin, promotes conversion to organic grain farmers. Accustomed to the Grands Prix, Nike will adapt the training of female athletes during menstruation. In Sweden, we can imagine a new kind of “sustainable” and very local meat, yum. Ukrainian heritage and your voice – yes, yours! -saved online, a German supermarket wants to give back their sweet years to young detained people, the constitution of the former Portuguese dictatorship turned into poetry, Adidas helped Dubai women no longer ashamed to swim in public and the Lebanese state received a role in finally organizing the election. In India, we are still fighting against dengue fever. And finally, Run DMC raps against diabetes. In short, the Grands Prix decided to save individuals in front of the planet. The Greenpeace talk has never had a chance to have even the slightest grip.

We need to examine the contents of this list to find a few more nuggets that are closer to the daily lives of French advertisers and advertisers. That is, think of talks that promote products and services, because they are still the priority of the profession, right or wrong. This is our task in the coming days.

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