the asset management company that specializes in crypto-assets

Crypto-assets represent investments that allow you to diversify your financial investment. Bitcoin is just one example, as the crypto-asset market is growing at a pace that defies all predictions. DeFi, gaming, NFT, Metaverse, stablecoins, and more. : no shortage of crypto-asset investment strategies. Without proven knowledge of the new asset class and constant monitoring of its development, the risks that investors take are much higher.
This is why asset management company GOin offers personalized crypto-asset investment solutions to each of its clients.

Invest in an asset class with a high potential return

Over the past few years, crypto-assets have demonstrated their ability to offer significant potential for return, including in the midst of the economic crisis and the pandemic. They now represent a new class of assets for diversifying and optimizing financial investments.

Although praised by most of the young investors from Tech, crypto-assets have become more popular and are now part of the investment portfolios of a growing number of companies and experienced investors. This enthusiasm for crypto-assets among investors of all profiles is particularly favored by the emergence of asset management companies such as GOin, which are applying the best practices of traditional finance to operate the new market.

Complete and personal support

Asset management company GOin offers personalized investment solutions for every investor combined:

  • a wide selection of crypto-assets surrounding public blockchains;
  • dynamic or passive investment strategies, which can also benefit from attractive returns on crypto-assets;
  • automated rebalancing mechanisms for assets under management;
  • withdrawals and deposits free of charge and without delay.

In order to be efficient, GOin raised funds and created several software solutions for:

  • secure data collection;
  • the establishment of legal tender price references for each of the crypto-assets offered by the company;
  • the development of automated and efficient order placement algorithms;
  • the implementation of reporting tools that comply with applicable regulations and taxes.

On this basis, GOin will be able to offer personal management mandates for investors who want to diversify their investments in crypto-assets without having to train and familiarize themselves with the details of this constant evolving asset class.

European law compliance investments

Public blockchain transactions are completely transparent and traceable, enabling the fight against illicit financing and money laundering with unmatched efficiency in traditional financial markets.

Particularly sensitive to the various risks of LCB-FT* to which the sector is exposed, asset management firm GOin systematically checks that all its counterparts and the crypto-assets offered for investment are not exposed. of illegal activities. Each investor can thus entrust the management of his portfolio of crypto-assets to GOin with complete peace of mind and in strict compliance with European regulations.

In the dynamics of a more efficient service offering, GOin seeks to be one of the privileged partner of institutions in the financial sector and extend its services to the scale of the European Union.

*LCB-FT: fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

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