Six sour lemons – Find books that give love to words

Thumbs up for this publishing house! Régine, who loves words and games around language, falls for Six acid lemons.

This young home was created two years ago by two enthusiasts of language and voices: Marie Rébulard and Sophie Hamon deserve a diversion. Their desire is to pass on their love and enjoyment of our French language.

The language is not boring and it is really funny!

On the site, the editors explained; “Language is a pillar of humanity, universal communication, used by all, every day.
It is written, spoken, read.
It is discussed, taught, denied, replaced.
He leaves his tracks on emails, text messages, songs.
It’s social, sustained, slang, old, familiar.
It’s a lot of countries, it’s unique for people.
We like to play with our language, to distort it, to understand it, to praise it or to murmur it.
This is worth mentioning! »

It starts with the name of their publishing house. In fact, with Six Acid Citrons, you can already feel the acidity of these lemons just by pronouncing Si-Si-Si.
In addition, the publisher is very respectful of the environment, its writers and illustrators.

For each album, there is always a funny story, an explanation of the concept used, either distorted… small workshops for individuals or even a mini writing or illustration workshop.
On their site I advise you to discover, a tab for professionals offers many activities I now offer you a dive into the heart of the catalog.

Six lemons were moaning on the way by Francoise Guibert

The album is aimed at children from 4 to 6 years old. This is a book in Italian format that tells the breathtaking story of 6 lemons in search of a consonant pilferer.

The author introduces consonants after mouth opening, first sibilant (s/z), hisses (ch/g), fricatives (f/v) and plosives (l/r).

This album is a great way to introduce these consonants to children and to rediscover them for adults.

At the end of the book, there is a series of tongue twisters (example: did your tea take your cough?) To play with the tongue as a family.
You will also find a mini writing game to do for free with your kids Click here.
To purchase the book Click here or Click here

My Sister’s Bike and My Four Zamis by Fabien Vehlmann and Charles Dutertre

These two books are part of the collection with the concept that all errors can be explained. “It’s not grammatical” is aimed at children ages 5 to 7 who have discovered the subtleties of language.

The authors of these fun stories want to show children and their parents that language errors are often bad expressions.

On my sister’s bikeCamille accompanied by her chicken Abélise, always looking for adventures, goes to get “her brother ”’s bike to use on her brother’s energy.

Abelise taught her that we should not tell my sister but about my brother. Camille (and the authors present her point in a convincing way to support the illustrations.
To fully discover young children (from 6 years of age), laughter is expected and creativity is also guaranteed with a mini workshop on writing and drawing at the end of the book.
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For adults who are concerned about grammatical truth, the authors give you the keys at the end of the book.

My four zamis, is a Camille and Abélise’s second adventure with Diego joining them.
Camille is not in the mood right now, as she needs to receive four z’ami at her house.

As usual, Alélize pointed out to her that it wasn’t “four z’amis” we were talking about but four friends. Camille, Diego and Abélise invent a plan to scare them away from these Z’amis …

This funny story provides a real explanation for Camille’s mistake.
Fear not adults, at the end of the book you are given explanations.
Another very nice book that gives meaning to using liaisons by playing with language.
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I suggest you stop there for a while, we’ll find some more books from home Six sour lemons, next week!
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