Natalie Portman Details on Thor: Love & Thunder’s 10 Month Training

Natalie Portman recounts the 10 -month training process she went through in filming Thor: Love and Thunder. Portman’s character, Jane Foster, was first introduced in 2011 Thor, acts as one of the world’s leading astrophysicists and the love interest of Chris Hemsworth’s titular character. Foster showed up Thor: The Dark Worldthe film’s sequel, but not in 2017 Thor: Ragnarok, which was directed by Taika Waititi. Now, however, Portman’s character is making a triumphant comeback in the Waititi series, Thor: Love and Thunderlike the mighty Thor.

First shown at the end of the first trailer for Thor: Love and ThunderPortman’s Foster bears little resemblance to the version of the character fans have encountered before Thor film. Now boasting armor, a muscular body, and the ability to use Reforged Mjölnir, the version of Foster to be seen in the future. Thor The suite has undergone a major renovation. While the backstory of Foster’s evolution into Mighty Thor remains a mystery, the trailers reveal that he played a key role in Thor’s midlife crisis and in his final fight against Christian Bale’s new villain, Gorr the God Butcher.

In a recent interview with differentPortman detailed the intense training regimen he went through for his role Thor: Love and Thunder, revealing that it finally took 10 horrible months of hard work. Portman began working with his trainer in the fall of 2020, with the pair focusing specifically on developing his arm and shoulder muscles. Portman himself says sporting a new body is an opening experience, which the actor used to consider “small”. He explains:

“To get that reaction and look good, you know, ‘Oh, it has to be very different, traveling the world like that. You’re a little older – and so too, I think, because I’m starting to I was young – I always felt young or small or, like someone hitting the head in. And I presented myself as that too, because of that.

Even if it remains to be seen how Portman’s new body will impact Foster as a character in Thor: Love and Thunder, the actress’s clear commitment to achieving the new body without using CGI. Portman’s training, of course, will suit him Thor: Love and Thunder co-star, Hemsworth, who regularly details his intense workout on his Instagram account. As Thor goes through a midlife crisis in the upcoming film and questions his worth as a superhero, Foster’s muscular new version of Portman is sure to make him feel even less lacking, especially he now uses Mjölnir, his old weapon.

Despite Portman’s strong performance, Foster has always limited what he can do in a Thor film due to regular human energy. With the character now undergoing a major physical evolution, Foster is hopeful not to be relegated to the sidelines and could play a key role in Thor: Love and ThunderThe fight scenes are with other heroes like Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. Fortunately, fans no longer have to wait any longer to see Portman’s new body in action. Thor: Love and Thunderwhich will be out in theaters in just two weeks.

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