Meta, Microsoft, Huawei: the metaverse, the new lover of the web giants

I dream of another world… – Have you ever tried the metaverse, this open virtual world, at the crossroads of everything and everyone, available through a computer or an augmented reality headset for example? No. Because it doesn’t. At least, not yet as defined in the original definition. In fact, it has become customary to awaken the metaverse as a futuristic world, an open and free 3D social space. In fact, some found (sometimes with good reason) the metaverse ugly, others found it inaccessible, complicated and punctuated by bugs (sometimes with good reason as well). However, according to a recent report by McKinsey, the metaverse should be worth 5,000 billion dollars by 2030. This potential is attracting large international companies that are mobilizing to conquer the web 3, Blockchain technology is now coming together.

As a result, this week, the announcement of Metaverse Standards Forum got the attention of your Meta-Hebdo. Standardization and regulatory bodies, geospatial software development companies, social network giants, Swedish furniture behemoth, all signed up for this consortium. The goal? The normalization of the metaverse.

The various meetings that comprise the Forum are structured around the issues proposed by the founding companies. Khronos Group, a giant of 3D development and augmented reality, is their leader. The forum is aimed at to make the connection between Web 2 and Web 3 standardization companies and companies seeking to improve it. Among themSDO standardization organizationsn, we find, etc .:

  • World Wide Web Consortium (international standardization body);
  • L ‘Open the Geospatial Consortium (geospatial standards body);
  • Open AR Cloud (enhancement of augmented reality);
  • Spatial Web Foundation (development of space web standards);
  • Software Foundation (blockchain company working on algorithms);
  • Avatar (standardization company metaverse payment method)
  • cesium (geospatial 3D platform in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense)

On the business side, the presence of others also caught our attention.

So it’s generally more than that 30 companies and organizations associating and collaborating in the same direction around this free activity.

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The evidence is immediately available. The idea of ​​a social network, a truly open space, offers confusing growth possibilities for all of these companies. Video games, Multiplayer platforms, connected networks, all see a specific commercial interest in it.

As a result, many of the existing companies have already begun their coverage of the metaverse. Meta tries his hand at exercising in his Horizon World. Microsoft is also developing a industrial metaverse, real tool to work with to improve productivity in an industry. The Forum initiative is a must for Meta vice-president, Vishal Shah:

“Building a metaverse for all requires an industry -wide focus on common standards. Metaverse Standards Forum can lead the collaboration needed to make this possible, and Meta is committed to this task. Creators, developers and businesses can all benefit from technologies and experiences made possible through common protocols.

Khronos Group president Neil Trevett also highlighted this need to establish realistic and accessible standards for companies:

“Ang Metaverse Standards Forum a unique area of ​​coordination between standard organizations and industry (…) that would be essential in an open and inclusive metaverse. »

What lines of work?

Ways of working and researching to create a homogeneous metaverse need to be examined. There are many themes:

  • Promote workspaces and meetings for web 3 players;
  • Make room for coordination of requirements ;
  • Coordinate the resources needed to establish future standards ;
  • Tugoti a suitability of different metaverses ;
  • Working on metaverse interoperability in the real world.

On the technology side, it will be a question of working on improving standardization and interoperability tools during the hackathon and other meetings for developers. There are several workplaces:

  • Improve and work with fluidity in 3D graphics;
  • Researching the idea of ​​owning avatars ;
  • Privacy Security ;
  • Research on geospatial systems and their links to reality;
  • Progress onnetwork interoperability ;
  • Working with positioning services (VPS);
  • Enhanced reality (XR) development;
  • Mass user experience testing;
  • Development and research on financial transactions.

What is the future for decentralization?

Marc Petit, responsible executive at Epic Games even saw the possibility of developing a healthy ecosystem, using web3 technologies such as blockchain.

“Our goal is to create an open metaverse that enriches humanity and puts in place a prosperous and equitable ecosystem with millions of creators.»

The international regulatory body Worldwide Consortium (W3C) emphasizes the importance of institutionalizing these standards for an immersive web. It insists on coordination and building an interoperable platform.

This is probably where the shoe pinches. The idea of ​​a centralized platform raises some problems of freedom and anonymity that undermine the ideas of decentralization that have been developed in web 3 and developed in some platforms such as Decentraland.

the Metaverse Forum Standards therefore proposing to lay the foundations of an embryonic metaverse whose access seems, despite the goodwill of all, to have been compromised, as evidence of Apple’s disappearance. The equation also hides some unknowns. In fact, even if blockchain technology seems obvious to some, and a solution is already in place for others like sony, the discussion of payments in the metaverse raises questions about the fate reserved for cryptocurrencies or even anonymity. Case to follow in your Meta-Hebdo.

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