League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions among pro players

news tips League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions among pro players

The MSI games have been over for almost a month now and the competition has finally resumed for the second half of the year. While the ways of playing and the selected champions are still different between professional and everyday League of Legends players, it’s always good to observe which characters dominate the competition scene.

The return to professional competition after the MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) is eagerly awaited this year by League of Legends players. In fact, contrary to his habits, Riot Games decided not to wait until the middle of the season to introduce a major game change to their game, as Update 12.10 completely buffs every Summoner’s Rift champion. Such a change will inevitably bring about adaptations to the strategies implemented by professional players, and now is the time to find out what the future games of the competition scene will look like. in League of Legends. During the 12.11 update, three champions stood out as pros. We show you where.


  • The power of Trinidad
    • king of monkeys
    • Purifier
    • Sacred seamstress

The power of Trinidad

At every stage of the competition, there are always standing champions, whoever finds themselves in one way or another in absolutely all the games.. To calculate what is called the “Presence rate” of a champion, we obviously consider the number of times the latter has lost a game, but also the number of times he has been banned by one team or another. . In this way, it may happen that some characters accumulate a 100% attendance rate, such as Kalista and Pantheon at the 2017 World Championships, which are strictly prohibited in all aspects of the event.

Regarding the professional competition games that took place during the 12.11 update, three champions stood out with the highest attendance rates:

champion presence chosen restrictions Win rate
Wu Kong 96.8% 46 46 59%
Lucian 95.8% 18 73 47%
Gwen 93.7% 25 64 50%

The most observant will notice that there have not been many changes since patch 12.10 and the supposed major changes in stability. Only Ahri, the nine-tailed fox in the midlane, has seen his popularity rate fall to 74% in attendance. However, it’s worth remembering that champions with more than a 95% attendance rate are systematically nerfed at the Riot Games, which should happen soon for Wukong. Also note that the trio is completely unrelated to the characters inflicting the most damage in the game, further proof that this statistic is not essential to winning your games.

king of monkeys

League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions among pro players

During this patch 12.11, so Wukong won the prize for the most famous character in the professional scene. With his 96.8% presence, he has accumulated a number of restrictions such as selections, for a 59% victory rate. So Monkey King apparently seems very strong right now, despite his new nerf.. Riot Games will therefore have to take back the surgical gloves and the scalpel to come and make changes to this champion who dominates both competition and ranked matches at all levels from Platinum.


League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions among pro players

He is the second character with the most presence and the one who seems to be most feared by professional players in his 73 removals in a patch, Lucian quickly earned the botlane horror title to continue this season. . Fortunately, Riot Games won’t take long to find a solution since the ADC has been nerfed with the new patch 12.12 released recently. With his 51.75% win in classic games, he clearly deserves to be turned down for the entire League of Legends community, pros and beginners.

Sacred seamstress

League of Legends: the 3 most feared champions among pro players

If Gwen doesn’t reach the symbolic threshold of 95% presence, she’s still the only one to accumulate 64 expulsions. Already a problem with previous patches, Riot Games is definitely having a hard time solving the seamstress problem. It must be said that despite its popularity in the professional scene, he struggles to surpass the 46% win in classic matches over Platinum. So the developers found themselves with a difficult case, because cutting it too severely could make it completely useless outside of high -level matches. Gwen’s players can expect to see their character change slightly in terms of some of her spellings, such as a slight improvement in the game, for example.

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