It Happened One Summer and 9 Other Romance Novels Made Movies

The deadline announced the Booktok sensation and New York Times bestseller It happened one summer by Tessa Bailey is in pre-production for a feature film. It’s not yet clear who will take on the lead roles of Piper and Brenden, but fans of the book are excited to see how the story of the rich woman who lost her fortune, a la Alexis in Schitt’s Creek, trying to survive in a coastal town and interact with the local angry man. This is Bailey’s first novel adapted into film, but follows a growing line of romance novels that have become films.

The Game of Hate (2021)

Streaming on Hulu

Hate would have been a game as Jim and Pam from office hate each other before loving each other. The film, starring Lucy Hale in Little Lies fame, followed two corporate assistants as they competed for a promotion, and anyone who failed to promote had to quit their job.

The novel, written by Sally Thorne, has received reviews from the book community on Youtube for mocking it and improving the relationship between the characters. The movie version reveals the hateful side of The Game of Hate but received similar book reviews.

Aftermath (2019)

Netflix streaming

Harry Styles fans were shocked when the completion Fanfiction turned into a full -fledged book series, and was even more shocking when Netflix announced that the series would be a movie franchise. The books had to adjust from the source material to avoid having a connection with the British singer-actor and the films.

The film doesn’t shy away from seeing steamy scenes from the book and includes the iconic Truth or Dare game that has become an important part of the series for fans of fanfiction and beyond.

To All The Boys Series (2018)

Netflix streaming

Of all the boys I used to love quickly became one of the best rom-coms of the 2010s when it aired on Netflix. The film trilogy followed the end of the well -received book series. While the first film stays close to the book details, the second and third films change many important options from the other books.

Despite the changes, fans who loved the Lara Jean and Peter book loved Noah Centineo and Lana Condor’s portrayal of the characters.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)-Streaming on HBO Max

the boobies rich asian the book series were New York Times bestsellers, and the film adaptation was a box office success in the United States (per The Hollywood Reporter). The film captures the extravagance and luxury explained in the books and the tension between the in-laws and their future daughters-in-law.

The extensive cast of characters gets well for the screen and enhances the comedic elements of the book, providing a complete respite between family conflict and intense romance.

It happened one summer

In pre-production

It happened one summer has yet to receive a theater or streaming platform that supports film adaptation, but fans are excitedly waiting to see who the film’s star is. Writer Tessa Bailey now has several hit romance series, but this is the author’s first film adaptation.

Bailey’s intense beach romance has gained traction on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, as well as his interior design -based series, including it’s fine, Love him or lose himand Communication tools. It is not known if the second book in Bailey’s series, Hook, line and sinker, make a movie.

Ako Sa Imo (2016)

Broadcast on Prime Video

I am before you by Jojo Moyes was already known as a touching book before the film’s adaptation. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin captured the most heartbreaking moments in the book and brought them to life. Unlike most romance movies adapted from novels, this film is not a comedy.

Louisa (Clarke) becomes Will (Claflin) ‘s companion and guardian after he has a life -changing accident. The story also repeats the romantic story in its head with a sad ending than the couple ending happily.

Five Feet Separated (2019)

Netflix streaming

After the success of Blame it on our stars books and movies, five feet away the trend of romance continues among teenagers with serious illnesses. Fans were concerned that the film was a copycat of John Green’s adaptation of the film’s novel, but they were amazed when the story got a new look at romance.

While the same instant love elements are present in both films, five feet away there’s an extra level of witty banter missing in another movie. The setting of the film and book adds another level of tension enjoyed by the film’s fans.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

Netflix streaming

The kissing booth took the tropes of secret romance with the brother of best friend and a secret relationship from the novels and made one of the best streaming rom-coms on Netflix. Moviegoers have already experienced Joey King’s acting ability, but they haven’t fallen in love with Jacob Elordi yet.

The on-screen chemistry of the couple mimicked the book’s relationship so well that fans asked for another book to be made into a film. The third film inspires the third book with a unique turn of events (by PopBuzz).

The Notebook (2004)

Netflix streaming

As one of the best-known novel-to-film adaptations, Nicholas Sparks ’1940s romance made fans in theaters cry. The movie that made Ryan Gosling a star has become one of the most successful romance novels ever made into movies.

Unlike other love movies, The notebooks a strong tragic story keeps fans watching until the very end to see what happened to the couple. The novel was originally published in 1996, but fans of the story are still interested in the film even after reading the book almost a decade ago.

Mr. List Malcolm (2022)

In theaters July 1

The most popular Netflix series Bridgerton reminds film and TV makers that the drama-romance period is still a draw for moviegoers. The book Mr. Malcolm’s list made a name for itself as one of the best readings of the summer of 2020.

Fans of the novel are interested to see how the film adapts. The novel is only 256 pages long, so it will be interesting to see how it translates into a feature film. From the trailers, it looks like the movie is more about the tropes Bridgerton season 2, featuring a bachelor with particular tastes.

The MCU has already made the return of the Illuminati

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