In Ecluzelles, Laurent Romejko reveals his love of trees

Laurent Romejko came as a neighbor. Lives in the Drouaise region, the host of Weather Mapevery day in France 3, enjoy a traveling exhibition which, under the supervision of the Department, lists some of the most beautiful trees in the department.

Photographs presented throughout the summer at the Maison des Espaces Naturels, hosted by Agglo on Mézières-Écluzelles lake, reveal the beauty and grandeur of a multi-hundred-year-old oak tree in Faverolles, a redwood tree. in Dammarie, an alley of the Boullay-Thierry plane trees, a ginkgo biloba, in Chartres … For Monsieur Météo, this initiative highlights the “importance of the role of plants in combating global warming”.Laurent Romejko, surrounded by local and departmental authorities, planted a service tree.

His vacation in Dreux.

Kasuod. “I’ve been a Eurélien for 30 years. In addition, the issue of global warming is one of the topics that interests me the most, I always talk about it on television. Of course, we have to convey this information. , which is usually anxiety -challenging, but also explain it so that people can understand how things work. It’s the way for them to get to know the elements of life, trees are already one of them. ”

Reasons for hope. “On this question of global warming, we have two allies. The first is the ocean, a sufficient carbon sink. The second ally is the forests, the trees. And this exhibition is headed in the right direction. direction. I often go to different audiences to explain this relatively complex climate balance and the help that plants can give us. Exhibitions like “Remarked Trees” help us all understand. “Michel Cohu, president of Arbre 28 et environnement, explains: “This exhibition allows you to share a plant practice, to show the usefulness of the surrounding trees.”

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Laurent Romejko was happy to plant a tree, on the site of the Maison des Espaces Naturels, with Christophe Le Dorven, President of the Department and Gérard Sourrisseau, President of Agglomeration in the Drouais region. “The head of service has a history associated with the territory of Drouais.” Laurent Romejko learned from the mouth of Jean-Pierre Vallée, president of the Friends of the Mills of Eure-et-Loir, that this species “provides hardwood. It is used to make flooring, roofing, but also in gear mills.. ”They are very durable and unbreakable, unlike steel parts. And in the hope that the service tree will grow and become, in turn, “a tree noticed at the end of the 22nd century”.

The power of plants. “I’d like to believe that they would” talk “to each other in the context of coexistence between different species. On the other hand, I’m less receptive to the virtues of embracing a tree, but why not? But the the most important thing is photosynthesis which releases oxygen, although the occurrence of global warming is small.The higher the temperature rises, the less the trees get carbon.But another big advantage of this is the subsoil that makes it possible to sustainability of biodiversity, of course, but also an entire population that contributes to the overall balance of nature. “Gérard Sourrisseau, president of Agglo, Laurent Romejko and Christophe Le Dorven, president of the Departmental Council.

Trees … and roads. Without taking sides on the question of the A154, the upcoming asphalt carpet that will cross the Eure-et-Loir, Laurent Romejko gives an anecdote about this endless “combat” between road logic and defense. environment. “The chief gardener at the Palace of Versailles, Alain Baraton told me a story that took place in Sri Lanka. When he disappeared at the end of the 19th century, a specimen of a tree, which I did not know -an essence, is Problem, it grows on the axis of a motorway or ring road project.Environmental defenders are protesting for the maintenance of this tree, but also Buddhist monks.On a plant that subject, they made him a “Buddhist monk.” The tree was like their own, so sacred. It could not be cut down. As a result, the Sri Lanka State decided to cancel the ‘highway’ project.

Olivier Bohin

Traveling exhibition Noticed trees. At the House of Natural Spaces, in Mézières-Écluzelles, until August 28. FREE ENTRANCE. Free. Many activities are planned during the summer (“Wood, who are you?” Conference, Land art artist exhibition, film screenings, etc.). Contact: Also at the Dreux media library, from July 5 to August 25. The exhibit will then be seen in the park of the Château de La Ferté Vidame, then at the Château de Senonches.

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