Behind the door | If love (and sex) is ageless

The Press offers you a weekly testimonial aimed at illustrating what exactly is going on behind the bedroom door, in privacy, far, far away from statistics and standards. Today: Delphine*, octogenarian

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Silvia Galipeau

Silvia Galipeau
The Press

Delphine is over 80 years old. It didn’t stop him from living today, and with the third person in his life, a real “apotheosis”, a “coronation”.

Hold on tight: with her lover for the past five years, they’ve been in love morning and night, “almost” every day, she writes to us early this winter. “We’re both teenagers! »

He also has a “full life,” he says, and he can’t say much better. This early afternoon in June, when we meet at his place, in a beautiful residential area in the region, we know he has put us in between two appointments. His testimony, expressed, and all in light, will last less than an hour flat.

Flowing in good Pouilly, amidst many giggles, Delphine quickly went through many parts of her life. To make it short, no doubt, is certainly due to modesty, but above all to be unrecognizable. And most of all because what matters is elsewhere: here, and now.

This is how we guess she discovered her first husband’s sexuality, somewhere in her early twenties. Unya? His laughter speaks for itself. “I look forward to the Song of Songs. In something so beautiful, for me it is the most beautiful love poem! So was he disappointed? Another giggle. “Let’s just say it’s not popular. Disappointed this first time, or the whole relationship? “All 30 years,” he said, still laughing.

It’s that the lord isn’t very interested in the matter, let’s say. “We rarely do that. And not to my taste. I asked him, and he told me he wasn’t a sex thing. »

As such, this rejection clearly did not affect him much. “I knew I was attractive and that I aroused the desire,” he continues. Just, not my husband! If he cheated on her? “Yes,” he replied, in the tone of the evidence. Three, four times than one. Somewhere in her 40s, when her kids were growing up. And no, he never felt guilty. “Pantoute! Besides, she still remembers one of her lovers. A man she had probably long loved. “You, you like it, you seem to be in love …”, he said.

However, at the end of this 30 -year marriage, Monsieur left. “He did me a favor,” she said. Still, he was sad. Lots. And it seems. “Not because of him. But for my broken family… ”

She didn’t expand the subject much, then quickly met him, a few years later, with the second man of her life. A meeting worthy of a fairy tale, commanded by his own mother, and bore fruit. In short, they spent the next 20 years together!

He took me to a restaurant, and the first question he asked me was: do you like to make love? I say yes!


Quite a turnaround, we agreed.

Monsieur has a first wife who “doesn’t like that” (well, well); but he, obviously, “loves women”, he continues. “He was a handsome man, he said, very good. He was active until three or four months before he died. Died a beautiful death, as they say, less than 10 years ago.

So Delphine found herself alone again, on her 75th birthday. But don’t think his life ends here. “Oh no! He said. Let’s see! On the contrary, in a way, it started. After a few long months of celibacy (” and I’m really tired, I’m never alone! “) , she asked her son to take a picture of her, to register on a dating site. “Elite something,” she said. I paid for three months, but I wasted my money because on the same day my spouse has now written to me! »

A “handsome man”, again (all his companions were so handsome, he had a hard time determining), who replied ” [ses] criteria ”. The two don’t want to “waste time” and are therefore quick to negotiate. And their first meeting seemed like love at first sight. “What a handsome man! He told her.” Handsome woman! “, he told her.” And we left! It was so easy! »

In bed? “Jackpot really,” Delphine replied, without the slightest hesitation. She loves it so much, and so do I. »

But beware, it’s more than pure physical pleasure, he says. “It’s about being together, attracting each other, making people forget the bad in life! It restores the desire to live, to move on, it’s invigorating! This aspect, long before physical pleasure! »

She shuddered at the very thought of it. “It is the fellowship of souls. Not just bodies, more than that. […] We get along well, our bodies and our minds are in harmony. It was an amazing moment that happened to me. »

How does he see the future? “I don’t think much of that,” he replied. One day at a time … ”

Besides, we dare to ask: are the people around him also active? “If there are people my age who still love?” he rephrases with a smile. I don’t know! “A few years ago, he dared to tell it to an acquaintance. “He called me a liar! That’s why I don’t talk about anything anymore! “, he said, still laughing.

* Fictitious name, to preserve his anonymity

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