a subject still banned in France?

Other countries have long been anchored in managing the slaughter of animals in their culture. on Franceby misunderstanding or taboo, the pain felt is little more recognized even in the private circle and the numbers speak for themselves …

In addition, during legislative elections, the program animalist party proposed to set up a day without rest to mourn his pet. A human proposal that never received a resounding noise.

This sad observation raises the social question: how do the French live to mourn their faithful companion and what solutions do they have to recover? This is the subject of the investigation launched by forecasts.

For half of those surveyed, those around them expressed much of the pain they felt, but this number decreased by 6.3% compared to 2020. In the professional field, the subject is still sensitive to respond. . As proof, 59% of respondents said they did not receive support from their employer during this phase of mourning.

A difficult test to overcome

Adopting an animal is a life -changing choice. The fun, the taunts of our furballs and the unconditional love they give us adorn our daily lives. However, our travel companions have an average life expectancy of about ten years. Often, many owners voluntarily hide the question of the loss of their pet. Naturally they want to not think about this irreversible consequence.

When this happens, everyone tries to overcome this difficult test in their own way. The anger, the misunderstanding and of course the pain in the face of losing a little animal we love; 9 out of 10 French have already faced it.

Faced with this situation: 42% of the deceased gave themselves time to make room for lasting memories, while 34% adopted a new 4-legged companion, canine, feline , rodent or reptile.

Even in recent years, grief has remained unchecked for 18% of the panel.

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Leaving an animal disarms us. While the feeling of sadness prevails, if you are not prepared to ask the question of leaving your furry friend or think about the steps involved, you will enter a state of intense anxiety.

However, it must be said that there is no shortage of burial solutions available to teachers, but it remains unknown to 43% of respondents.

Undoubtedly by tradition and because he was the reliable person, 63% of the respondents asked their veterinarian to take care of the body of their deceased animal. Only 19.2% opted for the animal burial service.

At the same time, 34.7% of people have chosen to bury their beloved dog or tomcat in their garden, despite the fact that it has lost interest in our country since the end of 2020.

Article illustration: Mourning her pet: a topic still banned in France?

The most important is to preserve a real memory of their furry friend for almost 32% of individuals. It could be photos, a cremation urn, something like her necklace or her favorite toy, a tuft of hair, and so on.

In addition, having the possibility of organizing a final farewell with respect and dignity was also an important wish for more than a quarter of the deceased.

Article illustration: Mourning her pet: a topic still banned in France?

Coordinated support with Esthima animal burial directors

Taking advantage of personal support during the loss of your pet is a way to say goodbye to good health. This is what the French leader in the sector has to offer forecasts with its network of 16 crematoriums, 4 burial agencies spread throughout France and that continues to grow:

  • Decines Charpieu (69): on Rhone
  • Seclin (59) : sa NORTH
  • Neuilly-sur-Seine (92) : sa Hauts-de-Seine
  • Vincennes (94) : sa Val de Marne

The group Veternity recently got through forecasts its 16th crematorium. An institution based on Cuersin the PACA region, to also offer residents of the Greater Southeast with their customized services.

Counselors guide masters to help them overcome painful trials and thus no longer feel alone in their grief.

Many treatments are offered, either by a veterinarian or by handing over his or her deceased companion directly to animal burial professionals (at home or taken on site).

In addition, owners of dead animals can opt for different incineration solutions (private or individual that allow the return of the ashes, if not plural). forecasts also provides a wide selection of urns and access to a virtual cemetery, a real exchange area that offers the possibility to interact with members who are going through the same ordeal.

A real solution full of attention to say goodbye with dignity and respect to his faithful companion is forever in his heart.

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