6 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Summer

Game news 6 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Summer

Yes, summer is here! If the weather is good to vacation, now or never play video games. Now let’s take a look at the best titles to do with the Nintendo Switch. And between exploration, platform, sport, there’s always something to do with the Japanese manufacturer’s console. Need inspiration? Follow the leader!

Legends of Pokemon Arceus

If you missed an episode, know that Pokémon made a serious leap at the start of the year, along with Arceus Legends. This is the first time the series offers a truly open world, where the famous pocket creatures roam free. The system for capturing them has also been completely redesigned with the possibility of launching a PokéBall in real time without going through a fight. All in all, a bit of a revolution for the license, which will be even more exciting in the next Pokémon Scarlet / Purple. That’s why Legends Arceus is a must -do episode for any good fan, especially since it has certain qualities. It’s fun to catch pocket monsters this way, especially with a storyline that evokes the beginning of their relationship with humans. There are even some amazing action scenes against the bosses. To do.

  • JV Note: 16/20
  • Retail price: € 59.99

Kirby and the Forgotten World

We continue into the same color world with Kirby, the famous little pink ball. The Forgotten World marks the first enter the character in 3D time with levels open on the Switch. A change that cannot happen alone. As Kirby spends his peaceful days on Planet Pop, a strange black hole sucks him into the Forgotten World. Of course, a villain arrives and gets all the cute Waddle-Dee. The chubby hero then has only one goal, to find them all. To do this, he can rely on the help of his friend Elfilin as well as a new power: “Transmorphism”. Basically, Kirby can now change everyday objects (cars, stairs, traffic cones) to trigger new moves and quest levels. Not to mention his valuable ability: absorbing enemies and throwing fire / ice.

  • JV Note: 17/20
  • Retail price: € 59.99

We now open a sports page to discuss Mario Strikers Battle League Football, the Nintendo-style football game that has just arrived on the Switch. If you don’t know the formula, you take everything you know about the original discipline, pursue goals and both teams, and throw away the rest! The rule is that there is no proper rule. It’s possible to send the enemy in the background, to solve it from behind, to send Nintendo’s legendary stuff to clear a path. The goal: to score more points than the opponent, anyway. Of course, special strikes are on the program for more spectacle. But the Battle League is deploying as well surprising depth of gameplay and very fun. “Easy to learn but hard to master what they say”. A very nice surprise!

  • JV Note: 16/20
  • Retail price: € 59.99

Nintendo Switch Sports

We continue to sweat at Nintendo Switch Sports, the successor to the famous Wii Sports, which was previously offered on the Japanese company’s home machine. In the program, for this season, the disciplines have been seen in the past: chambara (wooden sword fight), bowling, tennis. But also some new ones: football, badminton, volleyball. From the fall, there will also be golf to be a part of it. Usually, motion-gaming is very successful despite some mistakes on the part of football (excessive unnecessary running after the ball). The readability of the action also becomes – and logically – more complicated from three players, a number that can be up to four. Other than that, it’s guaranteed to be fun, especially with the family. Like the Wii Sports, this version of the Nintendo Switch quickly manages to put everyone together and agree. In sports!

  • JV Note: 16/20
  • Retail price: 39.99 €

Revenge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder

We’re moving on to a discipline that can be a game: smashing bad guys in turtle costumes! Yes, we mean Ninja Turtles Shredder Revenge, a new game from French Dotemu (Streets of Rage 4). New era, the studio was hit hard with a good beat’em up. On the side of an impeccable art direction, this is the game that comes first. Of course, we’ll see our four favorite turtles here – Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael. But it’s also possible to include Splinter, April and Casey Jones. Happy companions are also divided into three categories: Range, Speed ​​and Power, which are selected according to the situation. But other than these different “classes”, the shots overall work amazing, with “incredible punches”. There is enough to make combinations but also airy arrangements. But much more!

  • JV Note: 16/20
  • Retail price: € 24.99


We end with one final game of smells of colors and holiday, OlliOlli World. If you don’t know the license, it is a very fast paced skate game in horizontal scrolling. The goal: to chain the short level, overcome challenges and of course create completely delirious figures. At this point, it’s a platform game on a skateboard. The world also brings a lot of new features compared to other OlliOlli. More than a colorful world more fascinating than ever, you can now choose back roads and fly from jumping to turning the other way. Plus, a new DLC “Void Riders” has just arrived and brings even more tasteful little details. Cake icing: hundreds of things to customize your character. In short, it’s very complete, and we love it!

  • JV Note: 16/20
  • Retail price: € 29.99 (€ 19.99 until July 3)

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