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Just like every month, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks are back. If you forgot, we remind you that Game Pass Ultimate subscribers benefit from free and special benefits every month. Check out the new benefits coming at the beginning of the month along with new games.

Also check out the list of Xbox Game Pass games for July as well as the list of games coming in 2023!

List of benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – June 2022

Next: Bladepoint Nightmare Pack – Available now until 8/18

Start your adventure on Morus Island with this exclusive Viper ‘The Awakening’ outfit and Xbox themed headgear.

Marvel’s Avengers: Ms. Marvel Future Suit Pack – Available Now Until 06/07

Use your power on Ms. Marvel Future Suite outfit, a 3 day hero’s catalyst to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Halo Infinite: Tense Razorback Pass Pack – Available Now Until 7/19

Re-strengthen your ride with Razorback Vehicle’s exclusive “Pass Tense” paint job, four double XP boosts, and four challenge swaps.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Deluxe Pack – Available now until 07/08

Enhance your experience of playing the Deluxe Pack by discovering the origins of the Brotherhood of Assassins. The Deluxe Pack includes: the Ambush and Sea mission, the Desert Cobra Pack (including an outfit, two legendary weapons, a legendary shield and a mountain) and three skill points.

Madden NFL 22: MUT MVP Bundle – Available Now Through 6/30

Get Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team MVP content, including an Elite Mahomes or Brady item and 11 Team Fantasy Packs with the MUT MVP Bundle.

Smite: Slipknot Starter Pass – Available Now

Unlock the Gods for Slipknot! Claim your Slipknot Starter Pass with Poseidon, Chaac, Raijin, and more!

Idle Champions: Year 3 All -Star Pack – Available until 8/15

Getting into Renow’s Champions: Year 3 All-Star Pack. Includes exclusive Mastermind Krull skin, Gold Chest, and champion access for Avren, Havilar, Krull, Melf, and Nova.

Forever Return: Skins and Boosts Premium Bundle – Available Now Until 01/09

Lots of skins to make your characters cooler! How not to love? Unlock A-Coin and XP boosters as well as 3 skins: Midnight Shinobi Yuki, Champion Jan and Magnolia Oracle Hyejin! All you need to do is leave your mark on Lumia Island!

For the Award: Warmonger Hero – Available now until 6/27

Attack the weak and crucify your opponents with Warmonger’s Flame, a legendary two -handed sword.

World of Warship Legends: Mythic Power Pack – Available Now Until 7/25

Upgrade your fleet with this set featuring the British Tier V cruiser Leander, the Tier III French Premium battleship Turenne as well as a set of in-game items and additional boosters and Premium Account time.

MLB The Show 22: Launch Pack – Available Now Until 05/07

Jump into MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dinasty with 10 The Snow packs.

Super Animal Royale: Season 3 Perk Pack – Available Now Until 6/27

Upgrade your Super Animal outfit with the latest perk set with outfits. New helmets, new rifle leather and sunglasses are available in the program.

Black Desert: O’dyllita Special Gift Pack – Available Now Until 6/30

Receive a variety of items with this special O’dyllita gift pack, including: 1x value pack [événement] (7 days), 1x in your 7 day box of your choice [événement]5x Craftsman’s Memory, 5x Tear of Elion, 1x Council of Valks (+20), 1x Upgrade Aid Kit …

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