Thirty dogs and their handlers competed in agility in Corse-du-Sud over two weekends.

Over two weekends, competitors from all over the island and from different regions of France will meet in Afa to complete a very difficult course. The opportunity to identify champions and provide visibility to agility, a growing discipline

Two weekends in a row, June 25 and 26 and July 2 and 3, about thirty dogs and their masters from all the island and from different regions of France will share the competition poster agility – a kind of jumping intended for our four -legged friends – organized by Athletidog Kennel Club located in the town from Afa.

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It is up to each team to create the best possible strategy to manage an obstacle course, demanding from a technical and physical point of view. Each will focus on the issues of his or her group A, B or C, i.e. small, medium and large dogs, all breeds combined. We also have a category with disabilities, it is aimed at masters with locomotor problems, said Laura Luciani, dog instructor and club president. All activities will be held in the morning between 8 a.m. to noon. The competition will adapt to climatic conditions. Athletes need to be rescued. In addition, the opportunity is also not to be experienced as a painful restraint.

Proper education

The pleasure of practicing a sport activity, other than walking or jogging, with your dog should come first. The relationship between the master and the beast will be strengthened. To practice this discipline and especially during competitions, one has to make a real osmosis. It is up to the owner to ensure that his dog can complete the course planned by the judges in the quickest possible time and no penalty accrues., explained the club president. All under the pressure of a healthy imitation.

Through the 2022 edition of the competition, Laura Luciani has remained true to her commitments. I have been doing agility for seven years. At the time, this game was not yet known on the island. I have to go to the continent if I want to take courses and participate in competitions. This leads to high travel costs. Three years later, I decided, in my turn, to organize competitions within the club to offer agility and to distinguish our island from continental and foreign competitors if necessary ”he developed.

His approach was a success. It finds its place in a buoyant context. Agility is growing and attracting a growing number of practitioners. The canine clubs in Bastia and Porto-Vecchio offer agility and set up competitions. It’s making good progress. “he welcomed.

The trend is comparable when it comes to dog training. Increasingly, one ensures that his or her best friend assimilates good rules of conduct, stops taking himself for the leader of the pack that he is not and, in the end, he feels good about himself. I have received many requests for puppies. People want to get off to a good start with their pet, so that they don’t face ethical issues when they get older. They want to do things right.

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The cat educator will often also intervene to instill good manners in adults who are somewhat troubled, who pulling a rope, who has no reminder, who can damage the house because they can’t stay alone, e.g. ”.

Slalom and tunnel are one of the obstacles that set the course.  - PAULE SANTONI

Competition animals

The course is more or less long depending on the dog’s behavior but also on the owner’s involvement. It is up to him, in fact, to accomplish much of the work.he commented.

Laura’s principle is positive pedagogy. The important thing is to know how to motivate your students. The happier they are, the more prosperous they will be. We act with rewards. The dog is given a toy, little attention. We put the accent on relational, we try to understand the dog.

Part of its workers will extend its training in agility courses. Evolution is logical. she It is important to have a good education because in an agility field, the dog needs to know a certain number of instructions. Do not move to start, then abseil. He has to follow the master, very sociable as it will take him to rub his congeners and a lot of people.

Exercise, if assimilated into a hobby, is accessible to everyone, even those, the first, there is really no body for. Each according to his abilities. The important thing is to get involved.Bulldogs, dachshunds, etc., work very well in tunnels or cross bars near the ground.

The high level, on the other hand, is reserved for some.

Among the most knowledgeable, border collies, malinois, terriers, Shetland sheepdogs.Discipline is dominated by sheep dogs. They usually like it. There are dogs that don’t like discipline. In that case, we will stop. ” he said. Everyone goes through the physical preparation phase, like an “athlete”. We work on cardio, fitness. Sheathing is part of the fitness program. At the same time, the food is adapted to the effort given. The content of the bowl can vary according to the preferences of the athletes.

In general, it should be favor foods rich in protein and foods that are as natural as possible. As far as I know, I choose food that consists of raw meat for my female dogs, Kaïna, Nightly and Blake.. Some choose croquettes or the household rationLaura Luciani continued.

Everything is in the spotlight this week. May the best victory!

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