“The Prodigious Friend” season 3, “Money Heist Korea”, “Love & Anarchy” season 2… How much is the series for the week?

The new part of Elena Ferrante’s adaptation, the Korean version of “La Casa de papel”, the unrestricted chronicle of a Swedish publishing house … We tell you all about these new releases, to watch on TV or on platforms.

On TV channels

p “The Tourist” (France 2)

It started as Duel by Spielberg (1971). Through a hellish chase between a big truck and a vintage car in the middle of the desert. Other than that here, Australia replaced California, and a beige Mazda 323 was the original red Plymouth Valiant… Then boom, it was the crash. When he woke up, the Mazda driver didn’t remember anything. What we know about him is that he is handsome enough to die. Played by Jamie Dorman (serial killer of The Fall and sado master of 50 Sculptures in Gray), the mysterious amnesiac captivates Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald, solar), a training police officer, complicated by her small rolls and sharing a caricature of a macho… Read more

s “The Prodigious Friend”, season 3 (Canal+)

Italy, 1970. Growing up two close friends. In the back. More opponents than ever… Involved in the brilliant Pietro, Elena recently published a successful first novel and thrived in intellectual circles in Pisa. Once erased, the blonde will shine: all will succeed. To escape the beatings of her husband Stefano, Lila is now raising her son alone in a miserable neighborhood in Naples. The volcanic brunette seems extinct: seemingly isolated from her status as a worker at the local mortadella factory. Elena is “the one who ran away” and Lila “the one who stayed”… Read more

r “Yellowstone”, season 1 (TMC)

In 1990, Kevin Costner shocked America with his “pro-Indian” west, Dancing with wolves. Thirty years later, in the service of showrunner Taylor Sheridan, he did Yellowstone the incarnation of a dream on the edge of a cliff, that of a wild West with a pure soul, has always been opposed by its natural violence, and is now surrounded by capitalist vultures. Face carved out of stone, the 67-year-old actor is John Dutton, the patriarch of a Montana ranch, whose vast lands have aroused the indigenous community’s desire to repair and urbanizing appetite for big business. … Read more

On the platforms

q “Umbrella Academy”, season 3 (Netflix)

Umbrella Academy twirling around and not hiding it. Since its launch, this hilarious superheroic series has taken on the same ultra-classic premonition every season to raise the tension: the end of the world is coming… soon. In its third chapter, released on Netflix on June 22, it’s a kind of black hole (a kugelblitz, precisely) that threatens to absorb our planet into extinction. Only the Umbrella Academy, a nickel-plated band of feet with the strongest, could save the furniture. Or, rather, to correct his mistakes because, often, he himself is the source of the disaster… Read more

q “Love & Anarchy”, season 2 (Netflix)

The second season was a plebiscite for Love & Anarchy, this Swedish series that we discovered at the end of 2020 and that, despite its comic-cultural tone à la Ten percent, seems to have to remain a UFO. Happy feminist, the first eight episodes lead to a happy liberation of a bourgeois mother, Sofie, a specialist in the digital revolution, who rediscovers the fantasy of desire with Max, a young woman. -the computer scientist. The daring challenges they presented to themselves enthusiastically infuriated their lives and the small publishing house that employed them, rightly facing the need to change everything … Read more

oh “Money Heist: Korea” (Netflix)

In December, Netflix sure said maturity on Bella ciao and the masks of Dalí, with applause at the end of The casa de papel. However, knowing the many fan bases available for the Spanish series (five times on the clock), the platform has now launched the Korean version: Money Laundering: Korea. The script, costumes, character names… unchanged-the Denver-based interpreter still continues his laugh from the back of the class-or almost: the plot takes place here in 2025, when the two Koreas try in a historic agreement. and establish a common economic zone (ZEC)… Read more

q “Alone with the Bee” (Netflix)

Whether they’re big kids like Mr Bean or walking adventures like spy Johnny English, the characters Rowan Atkinson plays are always clumsy, not to say pointless, with a frankly scary and get moving. Twenty -seven years after Bean’s disappearance, the British comedian returns to the series in Alone in front of the bee, a short format that was put online on Netflix on Friday June 24. He features Trevor, again a good man who is a little simple, responsible for keeping a luxurious villa during the holidays in the its owner, a mockingly newly wealthy couple. Here, the smallest vase costs thousands and cents, they warn. Trevor, pushed to the limit by a ferocious insect, apparently goes all out… Read more

q “Chloe” (Prime Video)

“Chloe,” the title of Alice Seabright’s miniseries, is hated by other names – Rebecca, Marnie. Hitchcock’s troubled and disturbing heroes, like the fairies from the asylum, rely on the first creation of this young English author-director, who passed away room for writers on Sex Education. Traumatized, borderline godmothers – persecuted or paranoid? This is the question we ask ourselves about the protagonist Chloé, who would otherwise not be called Chloe but Becky, unless it was Sasha, the pseudonym she thought could infiltrate, with frightening ease, a bunch of socialities Bristol, in search of answers to the suicide of one of them, the famous Chloe… Read more

oh “You Don’t Know Me”, miniseries (Netflix)

A drug dealer in a London suburb has been shot and killed, and everyone is targeting a young man from his neighborhood, so far nothing has happened. Hero (that’s his name!) But decides to prove his innocence to the jury by telling a story: his encounter with the mysterious Kyra, a cautious reader who has ruined his life. And here we go for flashbacks. Vertiginous image of an unreliable narrator? Variety of Scheherazade’s stories? A legal thriller set against the background of gang warfare? None of these promises are fulfilled in this timeless drama with artificial stakes, desperately looking into The Night On. Too much story, too much sentimentalism, and the dated myth of the savior and the girl in trouble to add to it… From the meter series, there is no taste or personality. continue

p “Loot” (Apple TV+)

In twenty years of marriage, Molly Novak has seen her husband, a moneyless computer scientist, become a high-tech billionaire. When she realized he was cheating on her, she divorced and found herself pushed by the third richest woman in the United States. To kill time, Molly decided to join a charity foundation… We expected better from Alan Yang (Parks and Recreation, Master Left), one of the most inspired young comedy writers today. The awesome Maya Rudolph is surrounded by an attractive cast, however theft (“booty”) begins a collection of clichés about disconnecting the ultra-rich, before becoming an office comedy mixed with romance, with never choosing sides. PL

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