SUD Education opening statement at CSE on June 20, 2022

The Supreme Council ofÉducation du 20 juin was held for the first time in the presence of the new Minister Ndiaye. SUD Education brings the voice and is demanded by staff.

SUD Education Statement

Ladies and gentlemen members of the CSE,

Preparations for the start of the 2022 school year took place in a context marked by severe deterioration in the public education service. The reforms implemented by Mr. Blanquer was widely criticized by staff, who noted the continuing deterioration in their working and learning conditions for students.

The proclamation of reforms in the various high school pathways, the baccalaureate and the establishment of the Parcoursup resulted in the strengthening of an ongoing selection process, constantly reproducing the initial disparity. The promulgation of the Rilhac law would hasten the collapse of first -degree employment collectives. Education professions are less attractive than ever, as evidenced in particular by the numbers for the number of qualifiers for the CRPE as well as for the Capes tests. The fault lies in an education policy that is contrary to the emancipatory purposes it should have, but also to the conditions of salary which are largely inadequate.

Mr. Blanquer’s order was marked by an unprecedented authoritarianism. Our organization must defend, in different parts of the territory, personnel targeted by extraordinary repression after their action against the implementation of E3C. In recent years, Minister Blanquer has repeatedly threatened staff with likely “disrespect for republican values”, as during his speech at Cnam last fall. Today, decentralized services are increasingly using the methods allowed by the Civil Service reform law to exploit masked suppression through automatic transfers. This is now the case at Pasteur school in Saint-Denis (93) and Victor Hugo college in Nantes (44). We expect, at the commencement of his mandate, a firm decision to violate Mr. Blanquer’s policy, through the instruction to be given by the Academic Director of Seine-Saint-Denis and the rector of the Nantes Academy to cancel the task order. and return staff to their original work.

SUD Education brings an emergency plan for education. This emergency plan includes the needs for inclusive education, for priority education, to reform the education system, for job creation with the rise of a real medico-social center.

The staff seeks a real change in the school in line with contemporary issues. Inclusive schooling is the center of peer concerns. We must provide public education service and a way to welcome all students, regardless of their academic or social difficulties, their background, their backgrounds, the disability in which they live. This should include improved introductory and ongoing training for all staff, a reduction in the number of students per class, adaptation of school buildings and the identification and development of RASED, medico- social education professions: AESH, nurses, Social Service Assistant and Psy -ÉN. Lack of resources creates suffering for staff and students. We must stop considering disability or academic or social difficulty as a problem in adapting an individual to society. On the contrary, we condemn the school’s lack of student specifics, and of course it is with this deficiency that we must act.

We need to give strong encouragement to the fight against cross-discrimination across the school, as in society as a whole. The fight against LGBTIphobia must experience a new stage, the circular on September 29, 2021 on the admission of trans students did not meet all the challenges of this topic marked by the always tragic news. The fight against sexual and gender-based violence in the workplace should also be the subject of more volunteers, as the circular of March 9, 2018 is not sufficiently used in the territory. In addition, it is important to pay particular attention to racist and anti-Semitic discrimination, as this, apart from moderate knowledge-raising policies aimed at students, is not in public action. Among the concerns that will also cross society, ultimately a significant place needs to be given to environmental needs, and especially the necessary ecological change that needs to be translated concrete and quickly in schools and schools. educational establishment.

SUD Education has made concrete demands to build this school of tomorrow, a more equitable, more egalitarian, more ecological school. We take advantage of this continuation to remind you that SUD Education is requesting a hearing from you to present these claims. We reiterated this request today on the occasion of this CSE.

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