Prince William: what is his relationship with his mother -in -law, Camilla Parker Bowles?

This Tuesday, June 21, Prince William celebrated his 40th birthday. Prepared by Elizabeth II to be king and the support of her father when she sat on the throne, what was her relationship with her mother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles, who was Lady Diana’s rival?

She was her father’s mistress and made her mother sad. Pushed back to Windsors, Elizabeth II prepared her to be the queen wife. On each of his outings, he walked with a firm step closer to the heir to the crown. Smiling and committed to protocol, became Camilla Parker Bowles an important member of the royal family of England. But he was blamed around the world for causing Diana Spencer’s misfortune and Prince William took the time to accept it. And for good reason. The history between Prince Charles and Duchess Cornwall was never a secret, and Harry and William could not save it. Often cited in arguments between their parents, the two siblings grew up hearing about one that they named after their mother “the Rottweiler” in their “marriage of three”.

“From the beginning, it is not surprising that Princes William and Harry experienced a lot positive and negative feelings towards Camilla Parker Bowles, reported on the site The list. In the late 1990s, it was still the female companion their father betrayed their motherand it probably hurt them“. So when Prince Charles told his sons about his story, after Lady Di died in a horrific car accident in Paris, “William would have been skeptical about this relationship.” A year later, he met his mother -in -law almost by chance: “A half -hour meeting at St. James’s Palace was not planned, and William reportedly decided to stop by the palace to see his father unaware that Camilla was also there”. The following week, Prince Harry met his two children, born from his first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles.

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William praised the “honesty and loyalty” by Camilla Parker Bowles

Slowly but surely, He was accepted by his sons. Then it was Elizabeth II’s turn. Reluctant to this union, she ends up giving her permission for her son to marry her first love. Well all is not always good at Windsors. Behind the smiles on the front, the tension is felt at the beginning of their mixed family life. There was a big fight in the family At the beginning of wedding of Charles and Camilla while everyone got in their way. William did not have the best relationship with his father at the time.recalled a source of DailyMail. But over time, Prince William understood that the hatreds had to be let go.

“William accepted it was time leave the past and looking to the future for her family, and Camilla is a non-negotiable part of that. In addition, he learned to admire her consistency and loyalty, and he even began to trust her“, explains a site source Now in love. The queen’s granddaughter was even asked by her father Camilla Parker Bowles to become more popular with the public. “Charles knew Camilla was having a hard time gaining public affection, and she needed William to take the lead. can we read Regarding the future role his mother-in-law would take on the death of Elizabeth II, George, Charlotte and Louis’s father seemed to agree: “The Queen spoke privately to William about the making Camilla the Queen instead of the Princess Consort, and he understands his logic “.

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