National Education. Pap Ndiaye announces starting salary of € 2,000 net for teachers

The new Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye, in an interview with Parisian and published on Saturday, June 25, 2022, promises a net salary of € 2,000 for new teachers from 2023.

“The increase in compensation has two parts. The first is unconditional and applicable to all teachers. It means raising the starting salary of young people by more than € 2,000 net. This will happen in 2023”, explained Pap Ndiaye. He also promises “a part of the salary condition of new jobs” with “add a bonus for those who want to keep going”.

In addition, the Minister of National Education reaffirmed the announcement made by his successor Jean-Michel Blanquer, in May, to return to mathematics in the first class from the start of the school year in September. It will happen “in the common core of the first, there is 1h30 math in optional form for all high school students who want”explained Pap Ndiaye.

“Elements of sustainability and new innovations”

“I suspect radical rights will attack me in a horrible and false way. I’m not partridge of the year.”also spoke of Parisian Pap Ndiaye, was asked about his coming to government. Man is the wonder of this first Borne government. Marine Le Pen felt his appointment was “the last stone of destruction to our country”while Jordan Bardella, who also represents the National Rally, spoke “terrible choice”called Pap Ndiaye a “racialist and anti-cop activist”.

“Pap Ndiaye is a staunch Republican, a man who believes in Republican values ​​and it is clear that that is what he will wear as Minister of National Education”Elisabeth Borne had to be protected on the first day of her appointment.

on The ParisianPap Ndiaye promised he would “there are elements of strong continuity of [son] followed ». “We’re retouching, we’re improving, but we haven’t changed any fundamentals about Parcoursup, high school reform… And there’s a new and dynamic change”, he added, referring primarily to educational inequalities. The school in France “Too bad for poor kids”he said.

Pap Ndiaye lamented the RN’s “sustainable construction”

Regarding the loss of an absolute majority in the National Assembly of the presidential party, after the legislative election, Pap Ndiaye considered that he stated “a desire to balance and strengthen the role of Parliament”. For him, the French wanted to show their desire “to deviate as much as possible from anything that would return to vertical executive power”.

The collapse of the National Rally in the legislative elections proves, according to him, “of its enduring establishment”. “The situation is serious”, he said again. He also confronted Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Nupes figure during the legislative election: according to the minister, he “Not very clear”. “” Not a voice for the National Front “, I think that’s his expression … We know the Republican front calls are stronger than ever”said Pap Ndiaye.

National Education. Pap Ndiaye announces starting salary of € 2,000 net for teachers

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