Moving story in Welkenraedt, Sébastien has been looking for his dog Terry for… 13 months!

“It’s a dog I got through Spain, a galgo greyhound. It’s a stray dog, but that, I wasn’t told at the time of adoption. His age, too, tells me he’s 4 years old. and not 8. Now, he is 9… ”

Not before …

Sébastien began the process of adopting Terry to compensate for the loss of a dog that died at the age of 17.5, a blind Spanish dog collected in 2007. “My other dog was exhausted when Olivier died, so I adopted Terry. Since Terry ran away, I’ve re-adopted a Russian greyhound because my other dog is wasting again (so I there are three dogs including one in the wild …). ” For only three weeks Terry will be with Henri-Chapelle. “I had Terry in March 2021. And he left at 5 a.m. on May 22, 2021. He opened the back door and found a space on the fence in the yard. I went to look at Henri- Chapelle, then I realized at 8 am we had to react. I put up announcements and we started putting up posters. We put up over 6000 and I made 500 again! “

The problem is Terry is an expert on escape, something his master doesn’t know about. “But I became an expert at finding dogs, even before I caught him (he, very skillfully, it was confirmed to me by veterinarians and behaviorists who had never seen it) Terry had already fled Spain… and survived two years to arrest him !, the German and Dutch border… “ And Sébastien is sure of it: it’s always been about Terry.

“I was brought in for a dachshund”

“All of this has already cost me a lot of money. I invested in cages (I put it in roasted chicken, but it just went around the cage), in cameras, we flew drones, bought lozenges to put him to sleep. .. I also publish on Facebook, so that everyone will know him and people will not forget him.I have photos, videos every now and then … I have learned to search and search before I move. Because I caught other dogs… Sometimes I travel 200 km to meet a dachshund. “

Chasing police on the highway …

In the early days of his escape, Terry passed the main roads, during the day. From now on, he prefers the fields, the RAVeL (Sébastien sleeps next to a RAVeL) and the night. Terry was even … chased by the cops. “We tried arrows to get him to sleep, but they would take twenty minutes to work … Terry could walk miles at that time. He was a greyhound, he was fast and far away. Eupen to chase Terry. The dog was there. at 73 km/h, the officer had not seen that yet.The local police tried to arrest him in Andrimont, the soldiers of Marche-en-Famenne also tried … In vain.In France, they tried tracking dogs and spider webs, but we never caught them. “

Attempt extortion

Welkenraedtois has “everything is there” with this story. “The Spaniards came to look for him, I had threats, a request for bail of € 5,000 … But I will not stop, it is in my nature. I do not know how to leave him, even if” He may be fine the way he is.For me, he is not safe, I do not want to see him on the side of the road.But even there, I will take him for burial.Before him, there was the whole adoption process, and this research gave me even more love for him. According to behaviorists, he will at some point click and allow himself to be approached.

And if Sébastien Dohogne recovers Terry, he will still have to find a solution to give him a margin of freedom. “I will not leave him between the four walls. We have to find a way to give him some form of freedom, through education or otherwise. There is a lot of work to be done, the fight will continue.” he concluded, more involved than ever with his dog.

If you see Terry, contact Sébastien Dohogne on 0471/289286.

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