6 best selling games on Nintendo Switch

Game News 6 best games sold on Nintendo Switch

If you’re the proud owner of a Switch, you probably know that Nintendo offers discounted games regularly, if not all the time! It is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, JV is there for you. Today, we offer you a list of the best console promotions by the Japanese manufacturer. And there is something for everyone.

OlliOlli World (-33%)

Fans of skate games and dynamic experience, OlliOlli World is for you! Does it ring a bell? This is new software from the Roll 7 team, working with the previous two OlliOlli. Titles in which you compose a skateboarder on a side scroll, and it’s very fast ! Beyond sliding, we are here in the presence of a real platform game. Yes, because with OlliOlli, there is a whole idea of ​​time that can more or less affect your speed. But speed, you need it to chain springboards and completely confusing figures. It’s an exciting and enjoyable hand -drawn formula that makes it come back in the final stages. The latter also adds new mechanics as well as a new 3D universe. In short, all the lights are green to enjoy a majestic skateboard!

  • Decrease: € 29.99 → € 19.99 (until July 3, 2022)

Civilization VI (-70%)

If you like 4X strategy games (for exploration, expansion, exploitation, extermination) you probably know the license to cult civilization, which has delighted lovers of the genre since the 90s. Imagine that it made a remarkable comeback in 2016 with a successful sixth season that was the subject of a Switch port two years ago. And also consider that this carry is beautifully crafted (16/20 in our columns). Even on large maps with 11 other civilizations, this version is very good despite some slowdowns. “Thus you can find all the depth of gameplay in the original title” we wrote for testing, in 2018. The only point missing: online multiplayer. It’s not enough to cover the generous content of Civilization VI that will keep you busy for hours.

  • Decrease: € 29.99 → € 8.99 (until July 3, 2022)

NBA 2K22 (-75%)

As every year, the NBA 2K license comes with a new installment that is now divided into two boxes: one on the PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, the other on the previous generation of consoles, ie PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And even if Visual Concepts studio first puts the package on the new hardware, consoles that are “before” are entitled to a decent grind. Even this year! On the Switch, NBA 2K22 still offers the main “My Career” mode, which allows you to include a player and customize him or her from head to toe, even when arriving in a new location. a boat. And then, in terms of “My Team” mode (this is basically Fifa’s Ultimate Team) it gets in depth. We’ll also notice changes for the game, with a new, more rewarding shot gauge!

  • Decrease: € 59.99 → € 14.99 (until July 3, 2022)

BioShock The Collection (-60%)

Three games for the price of one, do you think? Be well prepared because BioShock The Collection is now in great promotion on the Nintendo Switch. For just twenty euros, you can discover the excitement of the sunken city of the Rapture, the BioShock 1-2, and the floating city of Columbia with BioShock Infinite. Years after its release, the universe created by developer Ken Levine and 2K Games remains quite singular. Rapture, Columbia, under their air ideal refuge, hides within them even darker truths that must be discovered and fought. Plus, as long as we’re talking about action, BioShock has also made a name for itself thanks to its more specific game system, which combines weapons and special powers. A cocktail that makes the trip even more unique. In short, throw yourself in the head.

  • Decrease: € 49.99 → € 19.99 (until July 3, 2022)

As long as we’re there, we move on to another collection. For now on the Nintendo Switch, look for the XCOM 2 Collection at a low price. A pack that includes – obviously – the base game, the four packs inside it (Resistance Warrior, Children of Anarchy, Alien Hunters, Shen’s Last Gift) and the XCOM 2: War of Choice expansion! Enough to promise long playing time. Of course, as is always the case with Nintendo console ports, the software suffers a bit. For our judgment, we blamed the long load time and a general lack of efficiency that was very evident in docked mode. However, “software porting stays correct, most of all, you have a unique tactical title to ride anywhere with you. ”So you are very warned!

  • Decrease: € 49.99 → € 9.99 (until July 3, 2022)

Borderlands Legendary Collection (-60%)

Want another collection – yes – well here you are served! But watch out, this is a legendary collection. We’re not the ones saying this, but the title itself is Borderlands Legendary! In this package, we can find Borderlands 1 (in Game of the Year Edition), Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. What fun in the long run famous 2K looter shooter. The icing on the cake, the extra content of each game is included. For added enjoyment, know that this delivery has been the subject of special care. In our testing, of course we noticed some concessions but almost the same rendering on the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. For good news, this is good news! Finally, note that the software takes up a lot of space on the Switch – 47GB – so plan on a solid memory card.

  • Decrease: € 49.99 → € 19.99 (until July 3, 2022)

Other reductions to see:

  • The black (€ 49.99 → € 24.99 – 50% – / until July 3, 2022)
  • Deponia (€ 19.99 → € 1.99 – 90% – / until July 18, 2022)
  • Summer in Mara (€ 21.99 → € 9.89 – 55% – / until July 10, 2022)

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