Why are the cases of students leaving their professional high school to go to work worrying

In the joy of celebrating getting their baccalaureate, they preferred to toast their first CDI. This year, some bac pro students dropped out of high school this year, caught in the sirens of the job market. An event that is not new, but that escalated to 2022. Even to the point that rue de Grenelle is worried about it. “Some students choose professional association. This evaporation phenomenon is more frequently observed in times of strong economic recovery”, as acknowledged Edouard Geffray, Director General of School Education (Dgesco), at the beginning of June. Prior to the announcement the number of candidates registered for the vocational baccalaureate decreased 1.6%. A drop due to demographic effects, but also to early dropouts from high school.

“And we know that every year, some registrants don’t show up on the day of the exams. So the drop should be bigger in the end,” predicts Sigrid Gérardin, teacher at a vocational school and co- secretary of SNUEP-FSU.The number of candidates available in all baccalaureate examinations will be available in the fall, according to the ministry.

Hiring in stress sectors

In the field, education groups also confirmed the phenomenon. “Just after the last incarceration, we noticed that students do not go for certification and choose to work, because their families need money”, explained Olivier Beaufrère, national secretary of SNPDEN-What and head teacher at Versailles. “I have ground feedback. Like hotels, tourism and high school services in Arcachon, where many high school students have left the road, ”added Mohamad Attia, head of the vocational pathway at Se-Unsa and high school pro’s French teacher. .

Often companies in stressful sectors, plagued by recruitment difficulties, judge high school students: “This is the case in the hotel and catering industry, personal service, hairdressing, construction ”, said Sigrid Gerardin. As summer approaches, some recruiters are increasingly wary of candidates and raising CDD or CDI offers. And even if they haven’t won their diploma yet, high school students have compelling skills: “In three years of preparation for the professional baccalaureate, students do 6 internships, in total. which is 22 weeks. They spend the third part of their training in a company, which allows them to be available immediately “, emphasizes Olivier Beaufrère.

“Salary grids are indexed by level of studies”

Not surprisingly, the temptation to work worries more and more young people from the working classes: “Many of our high school students want or need to be financially independent right away,” says Olivier Beaufrère. But for Sigrid Gérardin, this tendency to start a working life is also explained in a form of school degradation: “The Covid-19 era was handled poorly in vocational high schools. Our students in high school combining social and academic difficulties required close, individualized follow-up.More dropouts followed.

But this sudden cessation of their study is dangerous to them. “Salary grids are indexed at the level of studies. And they have few opportunities for professional advancement,” Mohamad Attia emphasized. “The diploma remains a bulwark against unemployment. What happens to them if they become redundant or if they have to retrain professionally? “, also asks Sigrid Gérardin. Access to continuing education can also be more complicated:” If a young person wants to make an extra mention of pastry to develop, he can not access it without the baccalaureate ”, site Olivier Beaufrère.

High schools that do everything to keep their students

To prevent these setbacks, groups of high school professionals have stepped up initiatives: “Throughout their schooling, we explained to them the importance of closing the loop. And if they want to work, we encourage them to do it only at night or on the weekends, “says Olivier Beaufrère.” When we notice the repeated absence of a student, we contact his family. And depending on his difficulties, we can he will be offered to teach or adjust the schedule, “continued Mohamad Attia. Sigrid Gérardin also insisted on this support work:” Two main teachers pay particular attention to each student and work with him in his professional project “

Education groups also mentioned partner companies where students do their internships. “We prevent them from recruiting young people for training. And to offer them the lowest salary on the scale because they don’t have a diploma,” Sigrid Gérardin explained. And if students leave high school early there regret, the teams will do everything to allow them to hang: “They can pass the baccalaureate as a free candidate if they have validated their 12-week internship, or change a year at Terminale if it is not the case ”, introduced Mohamad Attia.

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