this amazing gift offered by Thierry…

This is not the first time Karine Le Marchand, presenter of “Love is in the meadow”, has received a gift from a farmer. In fact, they all thank the M6’s main host for allowing them to find love. Even if some didn’t see the right person despite their participation in the show, they were captivated by Karine’s joie de vivre. Among his admirers, a season 10 candidate gave him a very special gift that we discovered in the host’s Instagram story. Without further ado, Objeko tells you all of this story in detail.

Karine Le Marchand is still in contact with former candidates of “Love is in the meadow”

After they joined her show, Karine Le Marchand remained close to the farmers she accompanied in their search for true love. During the weeks of filming, she made a lot of friends, so she didn’t lose interest in them all night. In addition, balances are very important for him because it allows him to see all the candidates again and to make sure they are even happier than before the filming of “Love is in the meadow”.

To contact her farmers, Karine Le Marchand can also rely on social networks. In addition, he took advantage of this tool to communicate with all the participants as well as the fans of the previous show.

Recently, she mentioned a contestant from season 10 of “Love is in the meadow” in her Instagram story. This is Thierry. In 2015, this farmer joined the show to see the woman of his life. Unfortunately, not everything turned out as he had hoped. In fact, her suitor, Annick, broke her heart. Since then, Thierry still hasn’t found a shoe that fits him. On the other hand, she did not forget Karine Le Marchand whom she surprised with a beautiful gift.

Thierry, a season 10 candidate, will try his luck again

Now, Thierry, a disappointed candidate for season 10 of “Love is in the meadow”, has decided to try his luck again in the next edition of Karine Le Marchand’s program. In fact, the farmer could no longer endure the drought. He wanted most of all to share his daily life with a woman. “No matter how you turn on two televisions to make a lot of noise or leave the lights on all over the house to pretend there are people … in the end, you’re always alone” he told reporters from M6, referring to his second participation. But this unfortunate man can count on the support of someone who helps farmers find love! Karine Le Marchand has taken good care of her candidates and has proven to be a great help in difficult times.

The farmer offers a nice gift to Karine Le Marchand

Close to the participants of his show, Stéphane Plaza’s famous friend was very popular with the farmers he was with during the filming. Just look at his Instagram story to realize this. Do you remember Franck the woodsman? This candidate for season 16 of “Love is in the meadow” is still in contact with Karine La Marchand. She even gave him lots of tips for building his eco-responsible home. As for Thierry, he was recently given a special gift.

Karine Le Marchand’s admirers were surprised to consult the moderator’s Instagram story a few days ago. In fact, she reveals the shocking gift Thierry gave her before her second participation in “Love is in the meadow”. The winegrower and arborist took care to send him ivy geranium seeds. So Karine posted a snapshot of two small shoots placed in cotton. “It’s not sperm. These are the ivy geranium seeds that Thierry Couston sent me » he wrote the caption before speaking directly later: “Thierry, I put them on cotton like when we were in CE2. I watered and we waited. We’ll see.” Karine then warmly thanked the bachelor who was about to meet the new suitors in “Love is in the meadow”.

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