the sale will start soon on AliExpress but the good deals are already here

When summer promotions start in France, AliExpress spends its time setting up the best deals of the season. While waiting for the festival to start next week, you can now prepare your basket to take advantage of the most exciting reductions.

There is no point in running, it is better to start on time. This is the strategy adopted by AliExpress for summer sales. The popular market launched its promotions on June 27 at 9 a.m., a week after the official start of sales.

As such, it is now possible to prepare for good deals placed by the e-merchant. Especially since AliExpress has increased the reductions, especially the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 at 258 euros instead of 331 euros or the Poco M4 Pro at 137 euros against 156 euros. The reseller has even launched a cashback system that allows you to withdraw up to 10 euros on your orders.

Good plans to come

This year again, AliExpress lowered the price of many technology products. The reductions will affect smartphones and tablets, including connected accessories. To help you see more clearly, we share a selection of the most interesting offers to come.

Attention, you have to wait until June 27 for these promotions to be active.

Fill your basket in advance

To avoid missing out on a great promotion, we advise you to go now to the page of the product that interests you and add it to your basket. Because yes, stocks are not unlimited and they can easily disappear in the early days.

On the morning of June 27, all you have to do is complete the order to take advantage of the great deals on offer. Especially since AliExpress won’t empty your cart to start selling it.

Enjoy Shopping Vouchers with AliExpress Bonuses

AliExpress offers many options for customers to lower the final fee. We are thinking specifically of a system of cash back which allows you to withdraw up to 10 euros on vouchers. To take advantage of this, remember to register for the “Bonus” program in your AliExpress account settings, in the “Payment” section.

Cashback on AliExpress 2

You can use these vouchers on your next AliExpress orders.

Don’t forget the promo codes …

In addition to its immediate discounts, AliExpress deploys a series of promo codes that are valid throughout the catalog. Thus it is possible to save up to 25 euros, in addition to reducing the price.

Here are the available codes:

  • 22SUMMER02 to save € 2 to € 25;
  • 22SUMMER05 to save € 5 to € 50;
  • 22SUMMER10 to save € 10 to € 99;
  • 22SUMMER15 to save € 15 to € 199;
  • 22SUMMER25 to save € 25 to € 299.

Two codes are also valid on orders shipped from the European Union:

  • 22SUMMER1W to save € 1 to € 15;
  • 22SUMMER15W to save € 15 to € 110.

… Neither sales coupons

While promo codes can reduce a price already sold, it is possible to get a few extra dollars from the final payment. For this, it is necessary for sellers to use coupons. You will need to activate it on a product page or during checkout.

AliExpress coupon

A lottery to win prizes

AliExpress is also launching a huge lottery through its mobile app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Every day, there is a chance to spin a virtual wheel to win many prizes, from promo codes to a trip to Rome (costing 8,600 euros) and lifestyle products (up to the maximum value of 300 euros).

Connect the aurora

Our final advice is to connect from 9am on June 27, to be one of the first to take advantage of great deals. Because stocks are not unlimited. You will then have a better chance of getting the desired product.

As most products are shipped from European warehouses, shipping does not take more than a week.

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