Tenth edition of the Cabourg mon Amour festival this weekend: “everyone is enthusiastic and impatient”

The Cabourg mon Amour festival reinvests in the sand and beach of Cap Cabourg for blazing nights. © The Pays d’Auge

After two years of disruption, how was the Cabourg mon Amour festival, on the eve of this new edition?

Well, it’s nice to relaunch the festival, after two canceled editions, three years have passed between the two, it’s been so big … We’re lucky to have the same leading teams, well to be launched again, all enthusiastic and impatient. This is positive. The negative point is that we were able to communicate later this year, because in January we didn’t even know if we could do it …

When did you know you could organize this year’s edition?

We are confident in everything, we have the desire, but we have no guarantee. We announced the dates in January, and in March, we opened the ticket office to start selling the seats. This is a big difference to other years, where we sell before Christmas usually.

Romain Renou, founder of the Cabourg mon Amour festival.
Romain Renou, founder of the Cabourg mon Amour festival. © The Pays d’Auge

Is insanity confirmed? are pre-sales in line with your expectations?

Yes, absolutely, even if there is always a gap between Saturday, which is a little big day when there is a little more going on about entertainment, and the other two days. There is a big difference on Friday and Sunday, as in other years. There are places left for Friday and Sunday …

“It’s hard to imagine …”

How was the financial holiday? The City of Cabourg voted on a unique grant a few weeks ago to help with this new edition …

Every year, always and like any festival, it’s complicated. This is even more so this year, because people have late consumption habits, and this help from the town hall is involved in the sale of tickets in March, compared to November in other years. We started the festival in March, where we usually already sold 500 tickets. We find that people tend to buy their tickets too late, whether in the theater, the cinema or at festivals that have happened recently, because for two years they are tired of cancellations, should to pay. People are also waiting until the last minute to see the weather, more than any other reason, to decide, so that’s the risk this year. At the sponsorship level, we always have a lot of financial partners, but there are only a few that lock in this week. So it’s hard to plan, it’s not an easy exercise.

In addition to the program that will bring together artists from the French electro-pop scene, you have announced new features for this edition. What is it about?

We reviewed the site layout. Previously, the main stage was on the esplanade, but now both stages are on the beach. Today, on the esplanade, we have artists ’dressing rooms, and an entire area dedicated to“ dining ”with food trucks, primarily Caennais, large tables, garlands of the ginuette spirit , etc. directly on the sand, so we can accommodate more people. On Sundays, we’ll be leaving the new format from 12 noon to 8pm, so we’ll close earlier, and we’ll talk about brunch, something very family and friendly. In particular, we have the “Magic Beau Gosse” kebab unveiled at Orelsan, only on Sunday.

And in terms of animations?

We will be setting up a mini-market on the beach, with lots of small jewelry designers, glitter and make-up stands, second-hand clothing, and more. On Saturday, there will be a Drag-Queen animation, with a stage performance. In the morning from 10 a.m., the collective “La Charcuterie musicale” will arrive and perform a blind test of the market. On Sunday, the Cabourg 1900 association will walk around wearing seasonal costumes.

Videos: now available on Actu

Cabourg mon Amour, Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June on the beach at Cap Cabourg. Information and tickets at cabourgmonamour.fr

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