Singer Frida, a rebel who promotes love

If, philosophically, the meaning of a good life is a creature perfectly in harmony with the universe, then Frida is definitely a happy woman! And if this actress with light eyes and milky way complexion dances barefoot, it’s because Frida has always been involved in caring for the earth, that she draws her energy from all that the life to him, that he took its strength. nature and its resources, from the force of the rocks, to the movement of the clouds, to the breath of the air and to the backwash of the waves. So, leave your worries, your worries, your phobias and your fears at his door and prepare for a human level meeting. For him, happiness is a state of mind, a connection to the universe that needs to be rebuilt, and the joy of living is first and foremost a choice, but that must always be repeated.

Frida and Simba, an unbreakable friendship. Photo DM

Frida and Simba

In his apartment in the high hills of Lebanon, we are met by Simba, who is not a dog, because of the look he gives you, the movement of his body, his arrogant gait and his strong and physical presence? and it’s almost as impressive to hear her say to you: “Welcome to my mistress, she and I, it’s a long love story!” Simba attended the interview with attention and all the emotion that came out of his eyes when he turned his head to Frida. From the apartment window, we noticed two cranes tearing at the ground. “It’s a beautiful forest, the artist confessed, that Simba and I always walk every morning to recharge our batteries. Destroying the forest is a violent act in our daily lives and a period of mourning imposed on us, a part of myself was taken away from me, it motivated me to also accept a trip to Mexico to get away from the noise, like what, the universe always has secret plans… ”

Frida on total osmosis with her audience. Pia Chaib’s photo

Frida and the universe

From the world of large companies, previously specializing in consulting, her field of experimentation has no limits and Frida has always fought for the optimization of human resources by developing organizational strategies. The music presents itself as a gift from heaven, he who has never done a demo, has never knocked on doors, nor taken singing lessons or played an instrument. “It’s the energy of the universe that cares to carry me,” he said. Instead of looking for the event that will change your life, you need to increase your energy and put yourself on the right frequency to build a magnetic power that will bring things to you. When she began her spiritual journey, Frida decided to look into the correlation between joy, intuition and creativity, and decided to write her first song. Following the creative power of each human being, he is convinced that the man who restrains himself from what he has learned to do has lost his talents that he needs to discover. “Music presents itself to me as the language of expressing this fact that I understand and this connection that I need to build. It allows me to externalize everything I’ve absorbed over the years. The complete state in which music is. puts me proving all the difference between knowledge and wisdom.I was reading a book one day, I decided in 2012 to stop reading.At Google, knowledge is accessible to everyone, on the other hand, wisdom is acquired when we use this knowledge and make it our own.I am a very good encyclopedia, but I don’t have time to turn my knowledge into constructive power, music changes everything.I write all my songs when I am in this state, an acceptable state far from contemplation.Guided by my internal voice.And if Frida composes her albums without being able to learning to sing, it proves for the artist how much the person has all the answers within him, and the power to connect and control his positive energy. “In life, everything is energy,” he said. We are vibrational beings of different densities, and it depends, like the musical frequency, on where we place ourselves. If we are at the wrong frequency, this is the law of the series, but it is enough to change the frequency by controlling our mind and concentrating well in order to be our own teacher and for the world to open up to everything. If man is filled and drowned in love, he will be a miracle and the whole universe will work for his happiness. »

Frida stopped in her tracks. It was time to leave for his next appointment. “I’ll be right back,” he told Simba. The latter looks at him with air to answer him: “I know …” And here we are on our way to the Mariam TV television station where Frida is invited to discuss the event, the Fête de la Musique.

Frida was very comfortable on the TV set. DR’s photo

Frida and TV

In Mariam TV’s studios, Frida was invited, within the framework of the al-Waad program, along with Marielle Salloum, who manages communications and press relations at the French Institute in Lebanon, to discuss the IFL’s mission to transmit culture and the continued encouragement and support provided by the institute to the artists through the projects it offers throughout the year. Frida made a difference by entering barefoot on the set. The production manager will teach her that the take will be wide, and the actress will be wearing her flip-flops again. She, unfamiliar with sets, seems more comfortable than Frida as such, always being good to herself. He admitted that the concerts he presented were filled with love and sharing, and thanked the IFL team members for their determination and the importance of their mission. And in conclusion: “Spreading love and happiness is my mission and the sanctity of freedom, always …”

The third meeting arrives in the sky, heading to the room where Frida finds her musicians for a final spin.

Frida and her musicians

They are her lieutenants, her family at heart, Hermès in spreading beauty, because what Frida knows how to do best is to pass on beauty. In addition to the coffee break with thyme cake, the artist, after embracing everyone, gathers his musicians to give them the roadmap they need to follow and the selection of titles to be played by Zouk Mikaël, his fourth and final concert after Deir el-Qamar, Niha and the Sporting Club in Beirut.

The rehearsal has already started, we are no longer in the same physical condition. Frida’s soft and deep voice is the cure to all ailments, the answer to all questions. Is the AC high? Or are goosebumps the physical manifestation of this woman’s voice?

The melody of Sous le Ciel de Paris provides “la”, and some will be like a journey into the world of emotion, one that every spectator will take when attending a Frida concert. It’s about pain and medicine, it’s about happiness and its transmission, it’s also about bad luck and bad luck that have to be reversed and it’s about breath, his and ours, cut off by the sound of his voice and that we have to recover.

Frida on guitar, Rami Akiel sometimes plays melodica, sometimes qanoun, Scarlett Saad on piano, Patrick Abi Abdallah on drums and percussion, and Anthony Atoué on bass. Frida started her first song Baní boomeh. The power of his voice, the size of his stamp that seems to come from the depths of this land he loves is what drives us. Ya sadiqi (My friend) talks about the theme of loneliness to be overcome because you are not alone when you have a friend, the power of companionship, to climb all the peaks and become mountains, seas and ships crossing it. Ana min, a song that talks about finding myself or others, because Frida’s energy is the whole universe; he could be the bird that landed on his window, the tree that had just been cut down under his house, the little kid who handed his barefoot hand to him, he was the universe because the universe was in him and that, in search. to him, all you have to do is prepare for his arrival. Frida’s music is first of all the instruments that accompany it, but her palms also tap the time, her voice picks up all the chords in the head, it’s the beating of her feet in earth and his garment which he twisted. .

He started La valse des bisous, one of his first songs in French, that you want to kiss and hug the whole world. Except that what the artist likes most of all is to sing in Lebanese, “because it’s a language whose meaning in words is in line with the sound we make when we pronounce it”, he says.

Frida and the scene

Before taking the stage, the actor said he had a ritual. He separated himself from his five musicians to meditate and unite the magnetic fields of their hearts and become one entity. He guided them to meditation. “Once we were on stage,” he said, “we were connected vertically and to each other, and we could always hear ourselves thinking. We have a very cooperative approach. Each of us has his own universe, his experience. Re-creating songs, thinking of everyone together again makes the music richer and my musicians happier. »

It was time to leave each other, but we never left Frida, she owned a part of us, and when we heard her once, we carried her forever in our heads and in our hearts.

Frida will perform this Saturday, June 25 at Zouk Mikaël as part of the Music Festival organized by the French Institute in Lebanon. And from September 22, on tour through Switzerland (Bern, Zurich, Friborg and Basel), and in October in Paris.

If, philosophically, the meaning of a good life is a creature perfectly in harmony with the universe, then Frida is definitely a happy woman! And if this actress with light eyes and milky way complexion dances barefoot, it’s because Frida has always been involved in caring for the earth, that she draws her energy from all that life has to offer. to him, that he …

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