Following the conclusion of the “century contract”, Australia wants to “reset” its relations with France

The strings must be tightened. This is at least the will of Australia, whose Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, declared on Thursday night that a reset » the relationship between the two countries is necessary. It is important that this reset occurs »he insisted during an interview with national chain ABC, adding that “diliWe have to start from the left and we have meaningful conversations ”.

Relations between Paris and Canberra have clearly been marred by diplomatic and financial conflict caused by Australia’s breach of a mega contract for the delivery of submarines to France. In September 2021, the country ended deal of the century », the name given to this order, was signed in 2019 and is based on twelve submarines built and designed by the Naval Group as part of the “Future Submarine Program” marine class program. It is estimated at 56 billion euros in 50 years. Canberra prefers to build nuclear submarines using American and British technology.

Submarines: Australia pays 555 million euros to Naval Group and reconciles with France

“A Change of Need”

on At the time, the Australian Prime Minister justified the decision “not to continue Attack-class submarines and the other way around” murag “changing demand” but not one “change of opinion”pointing out that it was driven by the changing dynamics of the Asia-Pacific region, where China has increasingly expressed its claims in almost all of the South China Sea.

Despite these explanations, this change has angered Paris, President Emmanuel Macron has accused the Australian leader of lying about the future of this contract. Especially since, a few days before the announcement, various French ministers and their Australian counterparts have emphasized the importance of the program for future submarines. The French state saw nothing to come, which also represented a failure for intelligence as well.

On Thursday night, Anthony Albanese said that in order to be paid after the deal is broken, Australia could offer relationship between our individual leaders where no one comes out to make an opportunistic newspaper headline ». This comment is an appointment by the former Australian government over the exchange of text messages between former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Emmanuel Macron that were leaked to the Australian press-to prove that Paris is aware of the discussions around the contract says AUKUS.

The head of the Australian governmente, moreover, in France next week, responding to the invitation of Emmanuel Macron. “The visit scheduled for next week will be a strong sign that our relationship is being rebuilt”said Anthony Albanese. “It’s important that we start from the left. France, obviously, is one of the central powers in Europe, but it’s also a central power in the Pacific,” he added.

A new contract as compensation

In other payments, Australia unveiled a 555 million euro deal with French submarine maker Naval Group in mid -June for canceled submarines. In total, the failure of the French submarine contract would cost Australian taxpayers 2.3 billion dollars (2.18 billion euros). This amount is equivalent to the obligations created by the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) signed between France and Australia at the launch of the Attack class program. The Naval Group has thus been able to negotiate with Canberra on the cost of work that remains to be carried out until the full completion of the program as well as demobilization costs and completion costs, such as the layoff of 300 Australian employees. and the costs associated with all its suppliers and service providers.

(With AFP)