Education: 222 million children in crisis situations are in immediate need of help

Of these 222 million children and adolescents in need of urgent educational support, at least 78 million are out of school and nearly 120 million, even if in school, do not achieve the minimum skills. in math or reading.

In fact, among elementary and secondary students affected by crises, only one in ten has achieved this level of proficiency, according to this report by the UN Global Fund for Education in Emergency and Protracted Crises, Education Cannot Wait (ECW).

The paper says nearly 85% of out-of-school children affected by crises live in long-term crisis situations. These include, among others, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen. With the war in Ukraine, the number of out-of-school children is still increasing: according to recent estimates, the conflict has affected 5.7 million school-age children.

Help us keep 222 million dreams alive ”- António Guterres

More than around the world, with this “brutal disruption of education” on 222 million children around the world, the UN chief is urging governments, businesses, foundations and individuals to support the important work that Education is doing. with no time limit.

“We will make education available to every child, wherever they are. Help us keep 222 million dreams alive, ”António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said in a statement.

As the world faces the devastating effects of armed conflict, Covid-19 and climate change, 222 million children and adolescents are experiencing these “horrific realities”. “They dream of realizing their potential rather than becoming victims. Don’t let them down. It is our duty to educate them and thus provide them with ways to achieve their dreams,” he insisted at a UN press briefing in Geneva. , Yasmine Sherif, Director of ECW.

The report’s alarming numbers add to the findings of a recent study highlighting that interventions focused on education in emergencies and enduring crises continue to suffer from chronic deprivation. in the fund. And the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be further widening the financial resource gap.

A financial conference scheduled for February 16 and 17, 2023 in Geneva

Thanks to the private sector, philanthropic foundations and wealthy individuals, more than five million children have already received quality education in more than 40 countries affected by the crisis. And to address this severe global education crisis, ECW and several strategic partners are now launching the #222MillionDreams resource mobilization campaign.

This is a global call to action. “We are talking about 222 million dreams representing each of the 222 million children and adolescents whose lives are marked by severe hardship by emergencies and lasting crises. Their dreams are shaped by the experience of war. and forced evacuation, ”added Ms. Sherif.

“It’s time to act responsibly for 222 million children and young people in situations of emergency and long-term crisis”, argued for his part in a press release, Gordon Brown, Special Envoy to the United Nations. for Global Education and Chair of the ECW High Level Steering Group.

The #222MillionDreams campaign brings together donors and other strategic partners ahead of the High-Level Financing Conference, hosted in Germany, Niger, Norway and South Sudan, to be held on February 16-17 2023 in Geneva under management of ECW and Switzerland.

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