Carole (Love is in the Pasture) drops everything and triggers a radical life change

Carole participated in season 12 of Love is in the pasture. And many fans of the M6 ​​program remember this candidate. Farmer, goat and Saint Bernard breeder, he has countless reasons to attract M6 audiences. But according to the interview he gave to our colleagues from the magazine Pure man, he can have more! In fact, Carole is making a 360 change in her life. It is at least in this way that those who remember him Love is in the pasture understand it.

But for him, it was a logical continuation, an evidence. On the contrary, he delights in finding the strength and courage to pursue his ambitions and motivations. Objeko assure you, these are really great projects that he promotes in magazine columns Pure man. We tell you everything!

Carole talks about her new ambitions, the outlook on her new life

In season 12 of Love is in the pasture, Carole puts every opportunity at her side to find love. But we have to believe that by 2022, this will no longer be his priority. Apparently he was not opposed to having a soul that was in harmony with him equally in his daily life. But he did not discuss this topic in his interview Pure man. Instead, he talks about his life and how he decided to guide it to accomplish as much as possible. For example, he told our colleagues that he worked about 16 hours a day caring for his flock of goats. Now, he’s been slowing down since he split half of his crowd. Breeder of Saint Bernard, he has also slowed down this other activity to focus on his well-being.

Spirituality takes up a lot of space in Carole’s life today. The former candidate of Love is in the pasture even earned a practitioner’s diploma in psychogenealogy. Since March 24, 2022, she has helped others more and she is happier. On the other hand, readers ofObjeko may be interested to know what psychogenealogy comprises. As Carole, often with our colleagues, explains, it is a question of understanding the mechanisms of trauma that can be repeated in the same family. In fact, unnoticed trauma is likely to pass from one generation to the next. The former candidate on the M6 ​​show is therefore helping the patients he receives to understand this phenomenon and get the evil to the root.

“It’s to help people by talking about their family tree, to see the traumas they have in the relationship with their ancestors. Often, we drag what we had before, we don’t know why. There are always things that are repeated to find out what is in the grandfather, grandmother, mother. This is to help find the strain. “he said.

An unshakable enthusiasm, a move to the Dordogne

The questions continued in Carole’s interview for Pure man. And our colleagues know that the former candidate Love is in the pasture almost mobilized. He will leave the South of France and break the isolation imposed by his agricultural and breeder profession. The recent graduate of psychogenealogy he felt had to put his suitcases in the Dordogne. “I love living here, it’s a little paradise. But I don’t want to be alone here anymore. So I decided to change my lifestyle to live in the Dordogne. I knew very little but I was attracted. It has a spiritual side, there is a Buddhist temple next door. »he confessed to our comrades.

Carole will not completely quit her job as a breeder. But he will continue it on a smaller scale, in order to slowly drive his life change. More motivated than ever to give meaning to his presence, the former candidate Love is in the pasture seems to have the idea that helping others has become a necessity in his life. Then not only that, he will also start a guest house project in the Dordogne. Guests he can offer his meditation services, care and who want to buy one of his books that talks about his rebirth.

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