Bachibac, the double French and Spanish baccalaureate diploma, in full expansion

Since its inception in 2010, the Bacibac program has enjoyed growing success throughout Spain, where students have recently received their diploma in the presence of French and Spanish authorities.

Among the excellence programs offered in Spain are the Bacibac double degree programs that offer Spanish and French students the possibility ofsimultaneously obtain two national diplomas, Spanish and Frenchat the end of their secondary studies: two diplomas, two ways to learn, more languages, more skills for the future!

Presentation of double diploma in French Bac and Spanish Bachillato

As every year, the Theater of the French Institute of Madrid receives a graduation ceremony for students in the ninth year of the Madrid Community program, with the participation of the French and Spanish authorities. Most young people who receive their double degree enroll in the top universities in Spain and Europe.

Ms. Rosa Matellán Diego and Mr. Éric Tallon at the presentation of the “LabelFrancÉducation” plaque / courtesy Institut français de Madrid

Where is Bacibac offered?

So far 122 public and private Spanish secondary schools and 98 French schools in France have joined the initiative by offering Bachibac. With this program, French students study Spanish language and literature and Spanish history in Spanish, and young Spaniards study French language and literature and Spanish history in French.

record of development of bachibac centers in spain

Bacibac: a blend program

Bacibac includes a blended program that integrates with within the French education systemso that students receive aat least a third of their time in French, including French language and literature, French history and, optionally, other non-linguistic subjects. The program respects structure and timetable of the Autonomous Community education systembut the French language and literature and the history of Spain and France were added at least an hour per week.

At the end of the second year of the baccalaureate, students wishing to obtain a double qualification must pass an external examination that allows them toobtaining a Baccalaureate diploma issued by the French Ministry of National Education. This test also means passing the B2 level in French of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), as well as the Spanish Bacillerato. By earning this double qualification, students can access higher education, both in Spain and France.

record of growth in the number of students studying bachibac in spain

Since its introduction in 2010-2011, the program has continued to grow. Today, it is implemented in 13 communities as well as the Liceo Español Luis Buñuel in Paris and has 3,561 young people.

What do families expect from this program?

When the question is asked, they value the quality of teaching, they want to know French, developing this language skill in addition to English, and would like a better knowledge of other subjects and intercultural skills. This is also a way to get the bachelor’s degree for lower cost, excluding the tuition fee of a French high school located in Spain.

In addition, young people develop skills and learn methods and techniques that are very useful in higher education, participate in exchanges in France, observe the world from different angles and develop in their critical thinking. The schools and teachers of the program are supported by Autonomous Communities and the French Institute of Spain for teacher trainingmobility, European projects and twinning.

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