The local arts education contract started in Puisaye-Forterre

Half an hour of performance around the stories of Marcel Aymé, with no dead time and almost no memory loss. Students at the Saints-en-Puisaye school admired the partners of the local art education contract (Cléa), Tuesday June 21, 2022, at the Atelier Bleu theater. The small show was organized by the community of the communes of Puisaye -Forterre (CCPF), which carried the device, to take stock – positively – of the first Cléa and mark the launch of the second, which continues until 2024.

Awakening, emancipation, development of critical thinking

“Since 2018, more than 600 children, from kindergarten to high school, have met artists, discovered art in all its forms, applied techniques, become actors in their own creations. ., recalls Pascale Grosjean, vice president of the CCPF, on the role of culture Leading an arts and culture project is the foundation of awakening, freedom, development of critical thinking, all made possible by Cléa .It also fulfills the goal of equal opportunities and access to culture, even by children from favorable or distant backgrounds. “

In addition, many children, following an experience within the framework of Cléa, register for courses in theater, plastic art, or others. “The first of our expertise is the education of children, insisted Jean-Philippe Saulnier-Arrighi, president of the CCPF. Culture makes it possible to raise children.”

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Cléa also fulfills the goal of equal opportunities and cultural access, whether the children are from favorable or distant backgrounds.

“Small streams make big rivers”

The system is funded by intercommunality, the Drac (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs) and the Department. “It’s important to show a united front,” said Aymée Rogé, regional director of cultural activities for Bourgogne Franche-Comté. With little participation, small streams make big rivers. ” The Yonne Department “works with various Cléa in the territories, directly by participating in financing, and indirectly by supporting the Department’s companies”, explained Isabelle Froment-Meurice, vice president of the Department, governing culture.

“Cléa makes it possible to bring art and cultural education to a territory, to foster aspirations, said Elisabeth Deschepper, inspector of National Education. The first Cléa of Puisaye-Forterre achieved its purpose. do the same. ”

The second Cléa has no particular theme. However, the CCPF wants it to affect particular childhood (not represented in the first Cléa) and contribute to the attractiveness of the territory, by promoting museums.

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