Stéphane Plaza and Sophie Ferjani are very complicit? He threw everything into their relationship

Sophie Ferjani will soon join her grand collaboration on a new program signed M6. It’s about “Change all or move all”. On this occasion, the interior designer trusted us colleagues on TV 7 days… We told you everything!

Stéphane Plaza never tires of hosting various programs on the M6. The creation of “Recherche Appartement ou Maison”, however, began in 2006. “15 years ago, in the beginning, it was once a year. Today, I still do it with great desire. Other experts have changed, young people have arrived. I do my work on TV. It seems easier, maybe… But in any case, the public is watching. “, he really explained.

However, he had a very different job! ” When people ask what I want to do as a job, I answer “firefighter or steward”. English doesn’t allow me to be a steward and firefighter, I’m a volunteer firefighter now. But if there is the most clumsiest man to come to your rescue, of course, you will be scared. Then, at 18 (after his failed baccalaureate, editor’s note), I was offered three jobs: medical secretary, croupier or real estate agent. I chose the latter. », he explained.

“I will run away I will follow you, after me I will run away from you”

Fortunately, the magic ended up working. ” And the passion comes to me, I no longer want to leave this job. I have no doubts about the rest of my life. If someone asks me today the question “do you have to choose between a host and a real estate agent?”, I can assure you that I am hiring a real estate agent. », he said in columns in GQ magazine.

Now at the head of more than 500 agencies and a successful M6 program, Stéphane Plaza doesn’t get the big head for all that. And maybe that’s what makes him one of France’s favorite animators. “ I had the opportunity to make television at the late age of 35. I had a hard time before, I saw green and raw and the watermelon, I left it under my bag. If you are going to set up a network, you need to be human for it to work. », he wanted to emphasize.

Then it returns: “And it’s because I’ve always wanted to be a real estate agent and not have to be a host, even when I was happy to be on TV and I met Karine Le Marchand, that I didn’t have the melon, not the watermelon. I sat down. my arm. And I don’t have a bigger apartment than the others. I stay natural, I do in real life. We have to keep working even if not more to stay at the same level. »

Stéphane Plaza: “It’s like a movie. »

And if he’s extremely attractive, it’s because he has this gift that will always make us laugh. ” I think I’ve always been a cross between Mr Bean and Pierre-Richard. The proof is now. You can see the head of my jeans there… I don’t know where it’s coming from, I don’t think there’s enough room there. Anything that seems crazy can happen to me. When I board a plane, it is common to see the pilot with an epileptic fit that prevents the plane from taking off. The productions of the shows don’t want me to go anywhere on my own. If I put my little car from the 80s, my Austin, in the garage, put it back and the tire disappears after 5 minutes… Looks like a movie. I support that, I live it well but for others it’s harder. “, he concluded thus.

He is loved by the public, and so are his teammates! Especially Sophie Ferjani who is with him has an original relationship! “I will run away I will follow you, after me I will run away from you”. This is exactly the kind of relationship that the real estate agent and the interior designer have!

Each of them has a strong character but they worship each other.“He speaks well, he shouts […] it takes up a lot of space ”as revealed by Sophie Ferjani in the columns of Tele-Leisure. “We don’t always meet. […] but we know we can trust each other in times of need ”he added.

And there is a trait that is especially appreciated by the young woman. “He’s a really good guy, can’t cheat”. These two are really made to work together!

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