New PS Plus: A killer Game Pass? Our judgment on the PlayStation offer!

Game news New PS Plus: A killer Game Pass? Our judgment on the PlayStation offer!

After months of waiting, here it is! On June 23, Sony in Europe unveiled a new version of its PlayStation Plus. Get out the good old PS Plus and PS Now and make way for Essential, Extra and Premium offers, on PS4 like PS5. Wondering what it’s worth? We checked out the Japanese manufacturer’s Game Pass-killer. Here’s our opinion right away!

Here we are, the so -called “Spartacus Project” entering the arena! Under this name hides a new version of PlayStation Plus, the PS4 subscription service | PS5. As of this Thursday, June 23, anywhere in Europe, PS Now and the classic PS Plus have lost favor witha three level offer. The first, “PS Plus Essential”, offers the same advantages as the good old PlayStation Plus (online play, save to the cloud, games included monthly). The second, “Extra”, also benefits from a catalog of nearly 400 PS4 titles | PS5. While the third, “Premium”, adds on top of retro software (PSP, PS1, PS2, PSP), reading a selection of software remotely thanks to streaming and – icing on the cake – demos to try some triple- Ingon. For more information, you can find prices below. Is the price worth it?

The PlayStation Plus offer Price 1 month Price 3 months Price 12 months
requirements € 8.99 € 24.99 (€ 8.33/month) € 59.99 (about € 5/month)
more € 13.99 € 39.99 (€ 13.33/month) € 99.99 (about € 8/month)
Premium € 16.99 € 49.99 (about € 16/month) € 119.99 (about € 10/month)

“The Work Goes On”

Come on, let’s get our hands dirty. On the PS5, the new version of the PlayStation Plus directly replaces the page dedicated to the old formula by subscribing to the home screen (on the PS4, it is now a separate application). So you have the enjoyment of tabs and sub-menus to access what suits you according to your offer. This is the first point: the application on the new PlayStation Plus is less ergonomic, and there are some manifestations of awkwardness. In the next generation, for example, the first menu drops you 400 PS4 games | PS5 (included in PS Plus Extra / Premium) with no possibility to sort them by platform or streaming compatibility. It’s even tighter on the second tab dedicated to retro titles, the “classics”. On the PS5, we were initially confused when we saw the display, at the top of the list, the PS4 redesigned with The Last of Us and Uncharted. Note that there is, further from the main page, a submenu where PSP, PS1 and PS2 games are well organized. So there is a lot of progress to be made!

A complete offer?

By the way, do you have an account? In March, on its blog, Sony announced nearly 700 applications for the new PlayStation Plus. And according to our calculations, the account is good! On the Games tab, we listed 740 titles. Looks like there are about 400 in the PS4 catalog | PS5 and just over 300 in the retro department. And that’s not all. As the Japanese company explained, the updates will gradually enhance the PlayStation Plus offering. And as it stands, there is already a lot to do. It got: Sony has made a noticeable effort when it comes to big games and in particular the exclusives that are on the PS4 PS5 list. Aside from Spider-Man Miles Morales or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which is already two years old, we’re very excited to see new releases like Returnal, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and Death Stranding Director’s Cut. A little enthusiasm we share for the retro catalog, which currently lacks the big PlayStation names (Tomb Raider, Wipeout, Metal Gear).

> PlayStation Plus: All games available for its launch in Europe

Retro and Streaming

Yes, there are many games, but you have to discover them in good conditions! Of course, all PlayStation Plus titles can be downloaded (except the PS3), which guarantees an optimistic experience. Besides, for PS1 and PS2 3D software, we found the rendering worthy of remaster, very clean and fluid. Get ready to rediscover Toy Story 2 or Tekken 2. A very good point. Note that the oldest software also benefits from a special menu to save any time and rewind the action. But many games can also be tried in streaming (except for the PS5 versions). As always, if your internet connection is maintained, you are entitled to Full HD between 30 and 60 frames per second. Whether on PS4 or PS5, we have the same experience from our area. In the most ambitious 3D titles, we always notice background artifacts. Other than that, the result is still clean and playable even in the fastest experiments (Doom). We only encountered a slight lag in a Wreckfest game.

Toy Story 2 – What does it look like on PS4 and PS5? (Gameplay)

The famous demos

We end with a very important point: the famous PS Plus Premium demos. As it stands, with the final level of the subscription offer, you can try out 15 titles: Horizon Forbidden West, Cyberpunk 2077, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection… Note that this is not just the biggest blockbuster. We noticed for example the presence of Farming Simulator 2022, Lego City Undercover, Elex II. Above all, cannot play the same number of hours each. It could be 5 hours for Aloy’s adventures, 2 hours for Nathan Drake or an hour for OlliOlliWorld. The test window seems to adjust according to the genre and the time required for an initial opinion.

Another good point, the weight of the demo is not equal to that of the full software. For Cyberpunk, we uploaded 55GB (vs. 166GB) and 68GB vs. 89GB on Uncharted. For the test period itself, the timer will run when you launch a title and will also run the stop menus (but not on the console home screen when the software is open). It’s also possible to leave the game and then return to it later: Sony immediately shows the remaining start time. The company finally determined that “all purchases made during the trial will be accessible throughout the game”. We thought this would also apply to backups recorded during the demo.

Demos available on PS Plus (PS5)

New PS Plus: A killer Game Pass?  Our judgment on the PlayStation offer!New PS Plus: A killer Game Pass?  Our judgment on the PlayStation offer!New PS Plus: A killer Game Pass?  Our judgment on the PlayStation offer!

In conclusion:

With this new PlayStation Plus, Sony has taken an inspiring first step in walking the flowers of Game Pass. Granted, the PS4 and PS5 applications lack ergonomics, but this is something that will inevitably improve in the future. Yes, exclusives aren’t included from the first day of release but the catalog includes major blockbusters and trial versions of some triple-A’s (and not just PlayStation). Even retro games are visually enhanced! In short, all the ingredients are already there. Maybe not to make a Game Pass-killer, but to give more readability and power to the PS4 / PS5 offer. And it’s pretty good to be like that.

About the new PlayStation Plus:

What is the PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is the subscription formula for PS4 and PS5. Through a variety of offers, you can enjoy hundreds of PlayStation titles, a list of retro games from PS1 to PS3, and even streaming playback, depending on the level of your subscription.

What are the offers of the 3 PS Plus?

The PlayStation Plus consists of three levels: Essential (€ 8.99/month), Extra (€ 13.99/month) and Premium (€ 16.99/month). The first offers the same advantages as the old PS Plus (online play, save in the cloud, games included every month, exclusive discounts via the PlayStation Store). The latter also benefits from a catalog of nearly 400 PS4 titles | PS5. And the third adds on top of retro software (PSP, PS1, PS2, PSP), reading a selection of games remotely thanks to streaming and – this is important – demos to test some blockbusters.

Who can benefit from free PlayStation Plus games?

Depending on your subscription, you may not be able to access the same games. With PlayStation Plus Essential, you are entitled to the PS Plus Collection (on PS5 only) and to the titles offered each month. With Extra, you have access to a PS4 catalog | PS5 with almost 400 applications. And in Premium, you get almost 340 retro games, streaming PS3 titles and demos.

About the PlayStation Plus

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